Over the past year, it’s become more apparent than ever before how important it is to safeguard our mental wellbeing. If you feel yours had taken a few too many knocks and blows recently then firstly, you are not alone. A global pandemic is not something ANYONE could have prepared for and we’ll be the first to admit it’s thrown a lot of things off-kilter. Routines, exercise habits, eating schedules, social interactions, work-life, finances, family dynamics and loss to name just a few… all of which massively impact our mental wellbeing. 

With the most terrifying part of this rollercoaster hopefully behind us, it’s time to start rebuilding our lives step by step. For some, jumping back into normality will be a walk in the park, for others, it will take small steps to build confidence. No matter how the past year has gone for you, putting your focus on your mental wellbeing should be a priority, whether that’s establishing mindful practices, journaling your thoughts or even tapping into hobbies that fill you with joy again. If you’re not sure where to start, below we’re sharing 5 new things to help boost your mental wellbeing right now.

Kai is a newly-launched virtual personal wellness coach, designed to help ease a multitude of mental wellness issues, including anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders and many other psychological stressors. Utilising AI technology, Kai was born out of a deeply felt understanding that mental health issues are a growing concern in our modern society, and yet the current solution – talk therapy, life coaching, and meditation apps – are not accessible or affordable for all. It works by asking structured questions based on ACT, a form of therapy rooted in the belief that greater well-being can be attained by developing the practice of mindfulness of emotions and psychological flexibility. It guides each user through scientifically proven protocols to shift their way of thinking and overcome negative reactions to circumstances. Focusing on gratitude, affirmations, personal growth and breathwork to name a few, we think this is a pioneering new way to make caring for your mental wellbeing that much simpler.

Daylesford Virtual Floristry Courses
We know that nature nurtures so why not book on to Daylesford’s incredible virtual floristry courses to unleash the green fingers in you? Usually held up at their farm in the Cotswolds, they recently launched their popular floristry classes virtually to bring the healing powers of flowers to you, wherever that might be. Held every Thursday and Friday afternoon and evening, the two-hour workshops are the perfect introduction to the art of floristry from home and are suitable for both beginners and those who are more experienced. After signing up, Daylesford’s floristry team will prepare fresh flowers from their organic cutting garden, containers and vases etc to arrive at your door just before the workshop begins. Each course costs £95 and includes all fresh flowers, a live two-hour class, course materials and postage and packaging. We’re dying to join their Floral Crown Making on the 16th April… sign up by the 13th to book your spot!

Visualisation with Tap Into
At a time when we need it most, Psycle London’s Founding and Master Trainer Natalie Jane has recently launched Tap Into, a brand with an important mission to launch brain health into the forefront of everyone’s awareness by using the power of Visualisation. More than ever, we feel it’s important to take moments to reflect, slow down the mind and connect to our internal world and positive visualisation can be an incredible tool to draw upon. You’re not unusual if you find things like meditation hard to get into, which is why visualisation is such a powerful and amazing tool for those who don’t get along with more traditional meditation techniques. Whether you want to tune deeper into how and who you are, find inspiration for a project, enhance creativity, unveil and release stored emotion, uncover and face something you’ve hidden away, or even just carve out more time for yourself, this experience is one that provides a wonderful release. These guided sessions are an opportunity to release from the outside world, explore the imagination and gain a deeper connection with yourself.

Eat To Beat Depression And Anxiety
Depression and anxiety disorders are on the rise and whilst many rely on therapy and medications to alleviate symptoms, often this is not enough. The latest scientific advances in neuroscience and nutrition, along with our understanding of the mind-gut connection, have proven that how and what we eat greatly affects how we feel—physically, cognitively, and emotionally. In his new book, Eat To Beat Depression And Anxiety, Dr. Drew Ramsey helps us to forge a path toward greater mental health through food, breaking down the science of nutritional psychiatry and explaining which foods positively affect brain health and improve mental wellness. 

In this book, Dr. Ramsey distils the most cutting-edge research on nutrition and the brain into actionable tips you can start using today to improve brain-cell health and growth, reduce inflammation, and cultivate a healthy microbiome, all of which contribute to our mental well-being. He explores the twelve essential vitamins and minerals most critical to your brain and body and outlines which anti-inflammatory foods feed the gut. It also contains a kick-starter six-week mental health food plan designed to mitigate depression and anxiety, incorporating key food categories like leafy greens and seafood, along with simple, delicious, brain nutrient-rich recipes including Kale Caesar Salad, Kefir Berry Smoothie and Salmon Burgers. By following the methods Dr. Ramsey uses with his patients, you can confidently choose foods to help you on your journey to full mental health.

Paradym is an all-new emotional wellbeing app on a mission to make sustainable mental health care and emotional wellbeing available to the many – without the therapist’s price tag… Woman-of-colour-founded and female-led, Paradym can be thought of as the “Glossier of Mental Health” encouraging confidence from the inside out through digital platforms and empowering its members to be their authentic selves in the fast-paced modern world.

Committed to being far more than a sticking-plaster cure, Paradym is a rigorous science-backed preventative care programme, meeting its members where they are – enabling them to take control of their emotional patterns, come to know their better selves and in turn live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

“My own emotional wellbeing journey is still a work in progress. There’s no quick fix, and life is constantly changing.” – Courtney Carlsson, founder and CEO, Paradym

Rooted in Schema Therapy (integrative psychotherapy built on evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and psychoanalysis), Paradym’s programme draws on a number of schools of therapy – including Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and more. The Paradym process is guided and content-focused, and requires gentle commitment from members. Paradym augments the go-go-go world that its members live and work in: it takes just ten minutes to complete a chapter, which is the time it takes to ride a few stops on the train to work (or gap between Zoom meetings).

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