In my house, breakfast is synonymous with Lizi’s Granola; “Darling, please can you make me a bowl of Lizis”, “Mum, can I have some Lizi’s before bed?” and “Who finished off the Lizi’s!” – we just can’t get enough. So, I was delighted to learn that their new-look packaging is now totally recyclable, but their nutritious and delicious granola’s and muesli’s remains totally the same in recipes and taste – phew!

Offering consumers, like me, super tasty breakfast choices that also deliver in the nutritious stakes, is just one of the many reasons why we love Lizi’s so much. From their High Protein granola to their Low Sugar one, each bag of granola is high in fibre, vegan friendly and Glycemic Load tested (in fact they were the first cereal brand ever to test the GL of their products) making us all feel a whole lot better.  

Having been fans of Lizi’s for some time, we have been lucky enough to witness their incredible journey as a food brand. From their humble beginnings (Lizi’s was founded by Lizi Shaw who homemade the granola that she served at her B&B in Wales) to the varied range they have on offer today, the one thing that has remained consistent throughout is the incredible taste and texture of the granola and the way it really does keep you full until lunchtime. And now with the launch of their new 100% recyclable packaging, consumers can rest assured that they are eating a nutritionally balanced cereal that is entirely free from single-use plastic.

And that is not all, they have also recently launched their Super Muesli range!  Lizi’s Super Muesli seamlessly blends the classic Lizi’s flavour and crunch with some amazing good-for-you ingredients that offer functional health benefits. The four variants (Boost, Cleanse, Focus and Glow) are packed with a blend of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, B6, and zinc, as well as ingredients that will make you feel like the best version of yourself, such as turmeric, maca powder and quinoa, making it even easier to make healthy choices to start our day.

Visit www.lizis.co.uk for more information, including an option to shop the whole range, plus some delicious ideas for recipes you make at home. Lizi’s is also sold in all major UK retailers.