Half way down the Fulham road, between Fulham Broadway and Parson’s Green, there is a slice of Southern California which goes by the name of CPress.

Only launched in September of last year, CPress has already garnered a following of city workers, busy mums and health and fitness advocates, they even catered for Nike’s NTC Week. So it makes sense that they are already working on a second location to meet the city’s demand for organic cold-pressed juices and nutritious superfoods.

The bar caters to every type of juice consumer, from wary first-timers who prefer a little sweetness to ease them in to hardened, vegetable-only, green swiggers. There are cold-pressed juices to meet your every need and mood as well as nut milks, waters, cold coffees and hemp protein smoothies for something with a little extra staying power.

Where CPress comes into its own is with its cleansing programmes. Carefully designed to promote ‘positive health and vitality through clean, organic, wholesome and nutritious produce’ the cleanses can be personalised to suit your needs and range from a single day to a whole week detox. As an alternative to the punishing regimes of ubiquitous juice cleanses, CPress offers its cleanses as a way to recharge and complement people’s normal routines rather than inconveniencing busy lives, demonstrated through the option to add a light superfood salad to your programme. Your cleansing packs can be delivered to your door every two days. It’s all very Hollywood.

This is all special enough you’d think, but CPress boasts a whole host of other commendable qualities which make it a forerunner in the health food field. The cafe proudly holds organic certification through The Soil Association and every single product on the menu is certified organic, save the coconuts for their coconut water. This also means the packaging they use is 100% recyclable and chemical and residue free so a visit here really will leave you in a total state of detox. The menu is carefully compiled by in-house nutritionist Zoe Stirling, who is also on hand to answer questions of those on CPress cleanses. Filtered water is used for everything, including washing the fruits and vegetables to preserve their certified organic status and ensure all food and drink is absolutely free from toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and nitrogen. They also serve a superlative coffee.

Rather than a traditional centrifugal juicer which heats and adds oxygen to juice, CPress uses an x1 cold-press manual juicer which gently squeezes produce so every vitamin, mineral and enzyme is preserved and easily absorbed for optimum nutrition. Everything in the CPress fridges has a 2 day shelf life and the kitchen carefully regulates its production to ensure minimal waste and donates to community programs after its 48-hour best.

Of course, this is London and we are not quite as hardcore as the Californians. We like to eat as well as juice and CPress has listened to the demand for nutritious, cleansing food and answered with a menu bursting with healthy treats and meals to compliment their cast of juices. The menu is mostly raw, and totally gluten, refined sugar and dairy free and includes gigantic, hearty salads, soups, granola, cheesecakes, activated nuts, chia puddings and kale chips all designed as diligently for optimum health boosting as the juices. The Rainbow Circus and Five Seasons salads are the stars on the CPress walk of fame, featuring spiralised celeriac, cauliflower rice, chickpea falafel, and tamari sauce between them. Add a side of kale chips and you have yourself a winner. You can rock up hungry and thirsty and leave happily full and alkaline-d.

There is an endearing honesty to CPress that derives from their transparency in listing all of their ingredients along with their welcoming staff and laid-back minimalist space you can kick back and while away an afternoon in. So whilst the weather outside may be distinctly un-LA, you can know you’re treating your body to a cold-pressed feast any veritable juicing, bikini-clad Southern Californian would be proud of.

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