These are the new books you need to read for a healthier, happier you! There’s The Path Made Clear by the legend that is Oprah, which aims to provide you with the tools you need to be successful, fulfilled and be your true self. Then there’s Dr Rupy Aujla’s (aka The Doctor’s Kitchen) new book, Eat To Beat Illness, which has inspired us, even more, to think of food as the best form of preventative medicine. We also highly recommend The Happy Balance if you need to re-evaluate your lifestyle habits and want to establish some easy lifestyle principles to get you feeling the best you’ve ever felt. If you want to learn more about the powerful mind-body connection, then grab a copy of Intuitive Living by holistic nutritionist and life coach, Pandora Paloma. Her tools and techniques will help you navigate your own health and happiness and your life will undoubtedly be transformed. A Beginner’s Guide To The Universe is full of incredibly useful life lessons that author, Mike Dooley, learned throughout his career as an entrepreneur. He wrote this book for his daughter to help her navigate the weird and wonderful world we live in, but this is actually a great read for everyone! Finally, with the Ayurvedic movement ever increasing, Sattva by Eminé and Paul Rushton is a must-read if you’re stressed, burnt out and need to press the reset button.


the path made clear

The Path Made Clear | Oprah Winfrey

the doctor's kitchen

Eat To Beat Illness | Dr Rupy Aujla

the happy balance

The Happy Balance | Meghan Hallett

Intuitive living

Intuitive Living | Pandora Paloma


Sattva | Eminé + Paul Rushton