As innovative technology continues to take over every inch of our lives, the art of finding a quiet spot to read a book seems to be an ever-increasing challenge. With kindles, podcasts, apps and instantly-streamable tv series at the tip of our fingertips, it’s not surprising that the good old paper book has been pushed to the wayside in favour of these more modern ways of researching and obtaining information. With this in mind, we want to inspire everyone to pick up a book, be a cookbook to browse new recipes, an inspirational guide to kick-starting a new fitness regime or one that sparks the hidden creative in you. We’ve compiled 6 new books that will improve your wellbeing that will hopefully re-ignite your love for finding a cosy spot to read.

The Matcha Cookbook

The Matcha Cookbook

Discover the health benefits and uses of matcha with 50 different recipes

Tone it up balanced and beautiful

Balanced & Beautiful

Tone It Up’s 5-day reset for your body, mind & spirit

salad feasts

Salad Feasts

This will guide you through the art of creating extraordinary salads

Deliciously Ella the plant based cook book

The Plant-Based Cookbook, Deliciously Ella

100 vegan recipes to make every day delicious

happy by design

Happy by Design

How to create a home that boosts your health & happiness

mel wells hungry for more

Hungry For More, Mel Wells

Satisfy your deepest cravings, feed your dreams & live a full-up life