We’ve all been there, hairbrush in hand with “Hit Me Baby One More Time” blasting in the background! (Admittedly a few years back now!) Well Britney’s on the comeback and we’ve got the inside scoop on her newest fragrances to hit the UK…The Naughty Remix and The Nice Remix! Britney Spears has led the way for celebrity fragrances over the last 10 years and has dominated the UK market by establishing “Fantasy” as the iconic best-selling celebrity fragrance. In 2014, Britney is sharing with her fans, two new fragrances that incorporate some of the notes from her original fragrance, Fantasy but with a twist!

To celebrate the launch, we’re heading down to Frame in Queens Park tomorrow to learn some of Britney’s signature dance moves and you’re invited to come along too! Frame is one of London’s hottest places to workout so we can’t wait to bust some moves! We hope to see you there!

Tickets cost £25 pp and can be booked here.

Shop The Naughty and Nice fragrances here.