Stress is a concept that most of us will be familiar with. A frequently used word in our modern world, and one which comes with negative associations” says Libby Limon, Link Nutrition’s Nutritionist. One of the worst things about stress is that it can make us feel powerless. Whether it be having a never-ending to-do list or trying to find that all-important work-life balance and now with COVID-19 sweeping the globe, it’s not surprising that a shocking 74% of Britons feel so stressed every day that they feel overwhelmed” (Mental Health Foundation, 2019).

On top of this, we now face being consistently over-stimulated with technology and media offering these continuous rewards, which leads to the hyperarousal of the brain. On top of this, research shows that 70-90% of doctors visits are due to stress-related issues. With facts like this arising, it looks like taking up self-care regimes to manage stress and anxiety have never been so important. 

We asked nutritionist and yoga teacher Libby Limon to recommend her top three natural supplements to offer some self-care solutions for an anxious mind.

1. Link Nutrition Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is ideal for anyone trying to balance stress levels naturally. Studies suggest that this stress-busting herb can help our bodies to restore balance by providing adrenal support and balancing the stress hormone cortisol. Ashwagandha is an ancient adaptogenic herb that helps to promote a feeling of calm by helping to reduce stress, and helping to bring the body back into balance. Taking it on a regular basis has been shown to balance hormonal level, support the immune system, boost energy levels, increase stamina and endurance.

2. Link Nutrition Magnesium

Described as “an antidote to stress” and “the most powerful relaxation mineral available” Magnesium is one of the most common, natural elements found on Earth and has been used by humans for centuries for treating a wide variety of ailments, including hormonal imbalances, PMS and insomnia. My tip is to take a food-based magnesium supplement such as it is significantly better absorbed so you need less of it in the supplement. Also, synthetic magnesium supplements can often cause stomach upset, but this one is gentle on the stomach without sacrificing effectiveness. 

3. Link Nutrition Brain Food Complex 

This brain-boosting vitamin, mineral and medicinal mushroom complex supports overall cognitive function to improve mood, focus and concentration. This unique food-based nutritional blend will support the maintenance of a well balanced and healthy functioning nervous system and help the brain cope more effectively when dealing with excess stress and anxiety.

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