Using lube seems to be a bit taboo but it really shouldn’t be! It’s great for enhancing sexual pleasure and I bet loads of your friends use it without you even realising it! Let’s ditch the stigma and learn to love lube. As you might expect, we tried to find the best natural lubes on the market and here are our top picks… because let’s face it, no one wants itchiness or stickiness in the heat of the moment.

Hanx Vegan Lubricant

We’re big fans on Hanx and their water-based lubricant is non-sticky, non-staining and free from unnecessary chemicals. It’s also vegan-friendly which is an added bonus.


Yes OB Lube

YES OB is a plant-oil based personal lubricant which feels luxurious, nourishing and long-lasting. Certified organic, YES OB provides smooth lubrication for intimacy and doubles as a massage oil.


Lovehoney Enjoy Lubricant

Another great water-based lubricant is this one from Lovehoney. Being water-based, it’s great for use with condoms (no breakage please!) and is best to use if TTC as oil-based ones tend to inhibit sperm.


Maude Shine Lube

This latex-friendly, organic lube from Maude is completely plant-based and fragrance-free. The gentle pH-balanced formula is free from glycerin and parabens and has an easy pump mechanism enabling more time for pleasure and less time needed for faffing around.


WooWoo Slide It! Lube

WooWoo is one of our favourite sexual wellness brands (they’ve won a few of our women’s health awards) and we love this lube for its silky texture and ability to alleviate vaginal dryness.


Luviss Luxury Lube

LUVISS is a luxury lubricant that is water-based, completely UK-made, and offers discreet shipping. The ingredients are all-nourishing, soothing and hydrating, and they don’t become sticky, thick or drying.


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