The festive hangover – That dreaded thing! You’ve probably just had your work Christmas do and your tummy is quivering at the thought of more alcohol consumption over Christmas day and New Year! What you need are some helpful festive hangover remedies to get you through the morning after!


Ginger Tea – Stop nausea in its tracks
For many many years, ginger has been used as a natural way to ease nausea, so this is the perfect excuse to brew a cup of homemade ginger tea. Simply chop up some ginger and lemon and brew it together in a mug of hot water. We also recommend stirring in a teaspoon manuka honey if you’re partial to something sweet. Aside from having many medicinal properties, adding something sweet will likely pep you up if you’re feeling a bit “bleh”. Side note: that’s not an excuse to reach for chocolate!


Get More Vits Recovery Drink – Regain energy
When you’re hungover, your body is desperate need of electrolytes and vitamins. Get More Vits have this genius “Recovery” drink that helps repopulate your system with all the minerals and nutrients it needs after a wild night out. You’ll likely be lacking (big time) in energy so this is an easily digestible option that is sugar-free, suitable for vegans and ideal to sip on your commute to work! Shop it here.


Go on a gentle walk – Encourage blood flow
When is walking ever not good? Never! Mild exercise like walking will not only help promote blood flow and cell renewal but it will also give you a gentle kick of endorphins which will positively impact your mind and body. Say goodbye to fogging head syndrome! Moving your body will also help and encourage digestion, which let’s face it, you’re definitely going to benefit from!


Reach for carbohydrates – you need sustenance!
Some people are ravenous after a night of heavy drinking and gravitate towards food, while others couldn’t think of anything worse! We promise carbohydrates are going to be your best friend as they are gentle on the stomach and are pretty non-offensive all round. Bland carbs like rice, crackers, porridge will help soak up any alcohol left over in your system and will help provide you with much-needed energy.


Re-hydrate – Cleanse and clear your system
Last but not least, you MUST re-hydrate as soon as you wake up. This is the most effective of hangover remedies! Water is going to help detoxify and flush out your system. You’ll probably be quite dehydrated the morning after and nothing makes you feel quite as nauseous and “iffy” like thirst! Keep a water bottle on you throughout the day and you’ll be feeling much better by the evening.

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