Finally! A hair care range offering results AND natural ingredients! It’s not an easy find but we’ve recently tried out System Professionals Inessence Range, the brand’s first foray into natural hair care, which uses a minimum of 91% natural origin ingredients. It’s not only transformed our hair but also our approach to choosing hair care. 

Harnessing the power of nature and pairing that energy with science, System Professional’s Inessence range is designed to rejuvenate your hair and celebrate it in all its glory, leaving it silky, moisturised and healthy. It does all of this without the use of sulphates, parabens or silicones. Hooray! It’s also ideally suited to city dwellers (that’s us) and perfect for holidays as it helps remove environmental impurities AND defends against UV rays.

This 4-product range consists of a smoothing shampoo, an anti-frizz conditioner, a nourishing hair mask and protective mist, providing you with everything you need to have your best hair day to date! It’s a simple range that delivers results across the board, and just to add another bonus, it smells of mangos. What’s not to love? 

We sat down with Sophie Ruggiero, System Professionals’ hair care expert to explain the inspiration behind the Inessence range and why opting for more natural products could benefit your hair.

Can natural ingredients still provide the lovely formulas we are accustomed to using?
Yes absolutely, especially with premium professional care. The “free from” formulas are made by removing certain ingredients which consumers are demanding. So the challenge was, how do we combine product performance without these particular ingredients. In our case with System Professional Inessence, we were still able to use the base foundation of the core brand as these ingredients are based on how the hair is naturally formed and mixed this with acai berry and shea butter to create beautifully feeling cared for hair.

What are the disadvantages of using more synthetic haircare?
There are no disadvantages to a synthetic process as such, it is, however, important to try and keep the natural ingredients as close to their natural origin state as possible.

How often should we really be washing our hair?
There is no right or wrong here. You wash your hair as often as you need too. It’s more about making sure you use the right products that allow you to have the best hair within your personal routine. Life gets in the way for some people so they wash their hair less often and some people like to wash their hair frequently. Just remember there is no better feeling than freshly washed and conditioned hair!!!

What was the main inspiration behind System Professionals Inessence range?
The power of nature and future beauty. As a trend and consumer need, we wanted to bring out a product that allowed true care personalisation along with the core range. The Inessence range focuses more on natural luxury care without any compromise on performance, which is the ultimate when it comes to hair care.

We’re big hair mask fans! What’s so special about the Inessence Mask? How is it best to use?
Oh this is good to hear, everyone should have a good hair mask in their kit! A mask is one of the best ways to get intense care and nourishment when your hair needs it most. The inessence mask contains glycerine and panthenol renowned for miniaturisation but also shea butter adding ultimate nourishment and to smooth the hair for an incredible, satin-like finish. The mask offers control and suppleness to dry, frizzy and unruly hair. It can be used as often as needed, on shampooed hair, gently scrunch out excess water then apply to mid-lengths and ends first and massaging any residue from the hands into the root area, comb through and indulge for 5 mins.

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