Now that the mornings and evenings have become darker, you’re forgiven if you’d rather hide under the duvet each morning than spring out of bed bursting with energy! However, whilst we know it can be difficult to stay energised over the colder and darker months, were firm believers in the saying “if there’s a will there’s a way!” This week, we caught up with Health Coach Laura Wilson to find out her top 5 tips for keeping energy levels high this season.

Get Outdoors

Even if the weather outside is horrid, a dose of fresh air really will do you lots of good. Better still, try including some exercise as part of your outdoor time. A short walk or run will give you a real energy pick-me-up.

Love Natural Light

There may not be a lot of natural light around at this time of year, but make the most of it when the sun does shine. Getting some exposure to light, even artificial, as soon as you wake up can help give you more get up and go and support your natural circadian rhythms.

Eat Comforting, Light Foods

The temptation at this time of year is to go for stodgy and carby, and let’s face it, comforting meals. Resist the temptation and choose lighter meals like vegetable and lentil soups, roast squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes and vegetarian curries, stews and chilli. My recipe for pasta-less Butternut, Lentil and Feta Lasagne is a great example.

Stay Hydrated

I know this is a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s easy to let drinking water slide over the colder months as we turn to hot drinks and more tea and coffee. Cold water isn’t that appealing, but plain warm water is a great detoxifier as are non-caffeinated herbal teas.

Go With The Natural Flow

It’s completely natural to want to hibernate at this time of year. If you find you need a little more sleep than usual to feel energised, listen to your body and honour what it needs if you can!

Words by Laura Agar Wilson of wholeheartedlyhealthy.com

Laura is a certified Health Coach, blogger, healthy recipe developer and author of Grains as Mains. Follow on Instagram @lauraagarwilson

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