I eat very similarly to the way meals are set out in my Green and Lean 12 week plan, so lots of good, wholesome food, loads of veggies and protein and gluten-free snacks.


My day usually begins with something simple, protein-packed and filling like eggs and smashed avocado on homemade sourdough (recipe in the new book!) with a big green smoothie with as much produce as I can fit into it! At the weekend I take more time to make a healthy ‘fry up’ for myself and Mr B, pancakes, or my TastyBase crumpets. If I’ve been to the gym in the morning I refuel with a plant-based protein shake, I like Sunwarrior and Pulsin’.


I always try to get away from the computer and phone at lunch and have a proper, green plate of goodness! My go-to is usually a giant salad maybe with some halloumi or if I’ve made a batch of my Duck Egg Frittatas on Sunday I’ll have a wedge of that, then all I have to do is add salad leaves. I like to make it fun and tasty with a tahini dressing or sprinkle with pomegranate seeds then load with hummus.


Snacks are usually almond butter on oatcakes, a handful of nuts, or veggies and dip – I often make a batch of energy balls at the weekend to tuck into when I’m busy during the week so I have those to hand. I also love a matcha latte to perk me up in the afternoon!


Dinner can be anything from a massive salad with roasted veg and a grain for some protein, such as millet, mini cauliflower pizzas, or something on top of courgetti – I’m loving my Rainbow Millet Stuffed Sweet Potato at the moment. I usually like to enjoy something sweet afterwards so will have a cheeky homemade cookie! I eat out quite a lot too. I like Leon and Pod for on the go and my fave place to grab a bite to eat at the moment is the new restaurant Farmacy where I’m hosting supperclubs this month!


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