There’s honestly nothing we love more than digging into a dessert that tastes like it should be unhealthy, but actually is completely guilt free! This is the case for our recent delicious creation! Using such simple ingredients and Nākd’s new Lemon Drizzle bar, we’ve created the perfect dinner party finisher that will delight even your non-health conscious pals!

Nākd Mini Lemon & Raspberry Trifles 

 Makes 2 small trifles



2/3 Lemon Drizzle Nākd Bars

250g Raspberries

1 Lemon

175g Coconut Yoghurt (We used Coconut Collaborative Vanilla)



Start by mashing the raspberries together in a bowl with a fork until they resemble a runny, jam-like consistency. Next, in another bowl crumble your Nākd Lemon Drizzle bars (keeping them in the fridge makes them crumble better) Set both aside.

Grate half the lemon zest into the coconut yoghurt and mix well.

In your 2 mini glass jars spoon the first layer of coconut yogurt followed by a layer of raspberries, then a layer of the crumble. Repeat twice or however many times your glass jars take and finish with a final sprinkling of the crumble! We like to add a slice of the lemon to each glass as a decorative measure!