I took up yoga six months ago as part of a pledge to ‘Change for the Better’; Special K’s campaign to inspire the public to make a positive alteration in their lives. It needn’t be a huge pledge (not “I will end world poverty”), but rather one that will make a person’s personal life that little bit brighter.

Yoga has definitely changed my life for the better. For one, I am the most flexible I’ve been in a long time and I’ve noticed an improvement in my posture; no more neck strains or back pains during my mostly-sedentary job. I mentioned in my last post that I have noticed more definition in my shoulders and legs; now, amazingly, it has spread to my abs, triceps and lower back.

I feel fantastic both outside and in.

My lung capacity has improved which is great because I am an avid runner, as has my overall fitness and strength. I’m more mindful and have increased focus on both my working life and personal life. As such, practicing yoga has inspired me to take up meditation as a way of zoning out from external distractions and allowed me hone in on priorities. It goes to show that one small pledge can act as such a catalyst to various other aspects of life.

I’m incredibly pleased that I made my pledge six months ago, and am even more excited at the prospect of beginning to practice pre-natal yoga; that’s right, I’m pregnant!

Farewell handstand hopes (still no progress there yet), hello yogi baby mama!

Image: Cecelia wears HPE Crop Leggings