Our fitness inspiration of the moment, Vogue Williams is a powerhouse of vibrancy, energy and happiness. She’s ex-MIC Spencer Mathews’ (better) half, mamma to son, Theodore, and she’s fanatic about fitness. Below she shares her favourite ways to break a sweat and the secret to getting flawless skin.

My non-negotiable health habit

“I exercise around 4 days a week, whether it’s a training session or run around the local park. That coupled with healthy eating is a must. It might seem obvious and everyone says it, but it really does make you feel much better both mentally and physically.”


My favourite workout right now

“My favourite workout at the moment is Kobox, it’s an intense 45 minutes but it’s so worth it because you feel fantastic for the whole day afterwards. Plus, they’re so creative with their space and the lights and, it makes you feel like you can do anything! If I’m working with a trainer I just love what Dalton Wong does, I feel like he’s totally changed my mindset around training and my body too.


My desert island beauty product

“Right now I’m obsessed with the Nude by Nature powder foundation. It’s so lightweight and easy to use, you just brush it over your face and you’re sorted for the day.”


My de-stress tool

“I definitely use exercise as a de-stress tool. I have dealt with anxiety for years, and I’ve always found that exercising, even if it’s just some light stretching or a jog, really helps me to unwind and take the weight off my shoulders.”


My guilty pleasure

“I absolutely love chocolate and eat it every day with a big cup of Irish tea. I often have Lily O’Brien’s Creamy Caramels with Sea Salt Share Bags with me when I’m on the go, as they are the perfect pick me up when I’m running around all day. ”


My biggest health extravagance

“I’m obsessed with Collagen Wave facials! If I could have them every day I would, it’s a great treat as prep for a long week or to unwind at the weekend.


My biggest inspiration

“My mum is definitely my biggest inspiration. She’s given me so much advice over the years, which I’ve come to realise was some of the best advice I could have gotten, whether it be beauty, style or just in everyday life.”

Vogue Williams has partnered with Irish chocolate brand Lily O’Brien’s for the launch of the new Share Bag collection, available at www.lilyobriens.co.uk