The world of supplements can be a confusing one. There are so many different options to choose from that you end up feeling more confused leaving your health food store than before you walked in! The simple solution to this problem lies with Nikki Cooper (aka Mrs Vitamins), founder or Inner Me! Passionate about making wellbeing beautifully simple, Hip & Healthy chat to this gorgeous and glowing brunette to find out the story and ethos behind this pure and nourishing brand!


Tell us, why, when and how Inner Me was created?
In 2009, on a quest to find supplements that would optimise my health and wellbeing, I found myself bewildered by choice and not finding anything I could relate to and so the idea for Inner Me was born. Following extensive research, Inner Me was later launched in 2012.


What was the inspiration and aim behind Inner Me?
In 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was recommended to watch a video on TED by a wonderful woman called Dr Terry Wahl who has secondary progressive MS. Through diet supplemented with fish oils, vitamin D and other nutrients she went from being severely disabled to taking part in treks and bike rides. I was totally inspired and began changing my lifestyle in terms of nutrition, diet and exercise and discovered the wonderful world of supplements – albeit a confusing one.


Have you always lead a healthy lifestyle or did you discover your inner wellbeing guru later on in life?
I have always been a fitness fanatic and spent my twenties training for marathons and other long distance events as well as being a gym bunny and dragon boat enthusiast. I wouldn’t say my diet was terrible then but I certainly didn’t understand the impact a good diet has on not just your body shape but also your mood and energy levels.


We adore the packaging! Can you tell us the idea behind the design?
I found the supplements on offer lacked brand differentiation with the majority coming in cumbersome bottles with flat designs that were too big for my desk and too ugly for my dressing table. I love brands like Benefit and Bliss where the packaging is not only stylish but inspires you to take and believe in the product. This is when I questioned why supplements could not be stylish and beautiful also. I wanted the “girls” on the packs to speak sisterhood and to give the buyer and indication of what that product would help them achieve in terms of increased energy, better digestion or lustrous locks.


Why should people take supplements even if they lead a healthy lifestyle?
Good nutrition is fundamental to good health and to maintain good health, our bodies require a daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Even with our best intentions and what we may consider a good diet many of us are still short of these essential nutrients. It is not just our modern day food choices that effects our vitamin and mineral intake but the nutritional state of our food. With intensive farming the eco-balance of healthy, mineral rich soil is ever changing affecting the phytonutrients in our soil and thus plants, animals and man who are living off that soil. Our nutritionist Amanda Hamilton has designed a set of Inner Menus with healthy and nutritious recipes – as we are not about pill popping, we are firm believers that good nutrition starts with a good diet. We then supplement our healthy diets with vitamins and minerals as an insurance policy – it is a simple way of ensuring that you have ticked all those nutrient boxes.


What makes Inner Me stand out from the supplement crowd?
Many women want to take supplements but have no idea where to begin. Our expert- backed range breaks down what each product can help with in regards to health, beauty and vitality, so the choice is easier. The packaging is handily portable, too, so they slip into your handbag and will keep you on track by reminding you which day you are due to take next. Quality also comes as standard, we use the finest ingredients we can get our hands on!


Do you have a favourite Inner Me supplement that you love to include in your lifestyle?
Daily 4 Me – the Hectic Years! With 2 children and a business I am always in need of that extra boost. This product contains a tailored multivitamin for my age group i.e. a menstruating woman using the finest quality ingredients, a co-enzyme Q10 capsule to help boost my energy levels, a high strength omega 3 capsule to help become a beauty and a geek as fish oil helps with skin inflammations and brain power and last but not least a digestive complex made up of Lactospore 15 billion and other digestive boosting goodies such as aloe vera, alfafa and spirulina.


For those who have never taken supplements before, out of the Inner Me range, what would you recommend getting first?
Our Daily 4 Me range – whether you’re 17 or 70, we have a tailored programme of nutritional supplements designed for your wellbeing. These ‘Daily 4 Me’ packs offer convenient all-in-one solutions to a healthy balanced lifestyle, with high-quality vitamins and minerals hand picked for three different life-stages: teens and twenties, 30’s – 40’s and 50+. We have done the research so you don’t have to keeping the whole process simple.


What have been your best moments along the Inner Me Journey?
There have been so many – from seeing my products first launch in Boots and Selfridges to having the opportunity to meet women I really admire from the beauty and wellbeing industry such as Liz Earle and Sian Sutherland from Mio Skincare. I also got to feature on the cover of Essentials magazine, which was so much fun having my hair and make up done professionally and I guess the most surreal moment was going on Dragon’s Den.


Where do you want to see Inner Me 5 years from now?
In 5 years I want to see Inner Me reach its potential by launching a wider range of products together with raising brand awareness.Once we have gained brand recognition the opportunities are endless in terms of product range and distribution in the UK and internationally with the launch of a men’s range and cross bordering into functional foods and drinks such as teas, shakes and healthy snacks. In short I want Inner Me to be a super health brand where consumers go to find healthy tips, recipes and nutritional products.

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