Pioneering the art of physical literacy, Movementum is the premium wellness brand dedicated to movement health. Their first London residency at the Mandarin Oriental Spa in Hyde Park, fuses an ecosystem of all-natural movement enhancing body products with a luxury studio and spa experiences, giving a 360 approach to helping you move and ultimately live better.

This concept is yet to be discovered until now, making Movementum the first delve into what it really means to move our bodies with ease, which is something we all struggle with! It’s fair to say many of us are keen to throw ourselves into gruelling HIIT classes, pound the pavement with long runs and generally exercise to get a good sweat on, and while that can feel amazing and of course have its many benefits, can you honestly say you put even half the effort into mobilising and stretching to aid recovery? The answer is probably a ‘no’!

At the forefront, Movementum is dedicated to helping people improve and enhance their range of motion for optimum performance, defined as movement health. The unique ecosystem of premium products, studio and spa experiences, will not only aid better movement but also give you the tools to understand your body better, allowing for you to listen to the signs your body will often tell you but you don’t necessarily pay attention to. Stripping things back to basics, the method focuses on four key areas to help improve physical literacy; Breathwork and Awareness, Mindset and Behaviour Change, Structure and Function, Manual and Movement Therapies.

Movementum will be offering a unique range of spa treatments, functional treatments, small group classes and 1:2:1 classes at the Mandarin Oriental, which even the most seasoned wellness lovers may not have experienced before. The products, therapies and classes have been created by a community of the world’s leading experts in this sector, from physical literacy experts to health and wellness specialists at the top of their field. At the cusp of this fast-growing fitness trend, Movementum’s dynamic and effective classes and treatments will provide clients with unique tools to move better and support their mindset to find intrinsic motivation and confidence within themselves.

Bridging the gap between spa and studio, the all-natural product range includes body oils, serums, balms, and a diffuser scent that is formulated not just for movement enhancement but also to highlight the ‘movement moment’…think of them as an added layer to your self-care routine. Used in the bespoke spa treatments, Movementum has formulated each product to work deep within the muscles and joints, combined with uplifting scents to enhance your mood. 

The Movementum Studio, where three signature 25-minute classes take place, utilises the powerful principles of neuromuscular behaviour to properly position, stabilise, isolate and manipulate muscles. ‘Focus to Move’ aims to improve postural awareness whilst building confidence. ‘Prime to Perform’ is more dynamic and takes you on a pathway from static and functional stability moving into power and neural priming. Finally, ‘Regenerate’ is for those looking to enhance performance and recovery through rapid regeneration and flexibility. The classes are each unique with a common theme to offer a series of specialised movements alongside breathwork to improve movement preparation, peak performance and recovery.

The Movementum Spa offers spa treatments alongside functional treatments. The spa treatments are a hybrid between deep massage and mobilisation with the added element of Movementum’s highly effective products. The therapist will start the treatment with a relaxing guided meditation to set the tone, you’ll then experience a combination of lymphatic drainage, soft tissue, and trigger point massage along with assisted stretches which can either be a catalyst to start or carry on with movement. Not only is the treatment utterly indulgent, taking place in the Mandarian Oriential’s divine treatment rooms, but you’ll leave feeling completely renewed and rejuvenated. The functional treatments involve stretches and movement techniques assisted by a therapist to enhance flexibility all whilst underpinning optimal health and function for guests.

We’re so excited to see this new concept roll out, and quite frankly we think it is very much needed. Our movement health is the thread that runs through all aspects of our lifestyles, from physical to mental health. The more fluidly we are able to move our bodies, with confidence and assurance that how we’re moving is fundamental correct is an area we believe we should all be striving to do better. Whether it’s being able to touch your toes well into your later years, being able to pick up your child without pain in your lower back or reaching your optimal fitness potential, each and every one of us can benefit from the blended elements Movementum has to offer.

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