We’re excited to announce that we are now stockists of new brand, Silou! We chat with the founder, Tatiana, about her career change and her motivation behind starting her own company.

What prompted you to change your career?
After starting a family, it was a natural progression to be involved in the fashion industry after so many years working as a model. I’m grateful to be able to apply that experience with creating the Silou line and activewear is something I wear every day so it happened organically.


How has your previous experience as a model benefited Silou?
I was very fortunate to witness some great designers, stylists and photographers at work during my 10 years in the high fashion industry. I was always fascinated with seeing the ideas and trends being brought to life. Silou London came as a result of this, and me being an extremely picky customer – I was never quite satisfied when it came to activewear.


What was your initial vision when starting Silou?
Designed to enhance the contours of the female silhouette, I wanted a collection where every piece to embody femininity, strength and confidence. When I first started to research the industry, there was nothing on the market that I could wear to the school run, to yoga and on a plane travelling. There were no good quality fabrics being used or tailoring to the women’s body. I wanted to be able to wake up in the morning and feel confident in my activewear all day long.


What has inspired Silou’s branding and product range?
I wanted to create something simple yet beautiful that made me feel feminine when I wear the pieces. My business partner Phoebe and I both love minimalism and simplicity. These are two elements which guided us to the branding you see today. There have been a few changes since we first started because the business and brand is ever changing and evolving organism.

I’m quite obsessed with the art of construction across our garments, good quality finishes and how something sits on the female body. As a model, I’ve spent years in countless high fashion pieces, but more often than not I was in activewear exercising to keep in shape. Silou Active was born from my love of both high fashion quality and everyday sports-luxe pieces.


What type of training is Silou activewear designed for?
Silou is designed for a whole range of workouts which is not limited to yoga, pilates, weight training, barre, running and walking.


How do you balance work, being a mum, exercising and everything else?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Being a mum to three and running a business and a household, I often don’t get time for me. I do try to prioritise my workouts around the kids and my meeting schedules and having my yoga practice, I can practice anywhere and anytime.


What are your favourite spots in London to spend your days off?
I love taking a long walk through Battersea Park with the kids – actually getting outside makes me feel great!


How do you incorporate fitness into your daily routine and what type of training do you do?
Having practiced the De Rose Method of yoga for many years I love taking time out from the kids and practice on my mat. Lately, I’ve also enjoyed taking some classes at KXU in Sloane Square and also at Xtend Barre in Marylebone. I’ve been mixing it up with yoga, barre, boxing and HIIT workouts.


What does health and wellness mean to you and what are your top tips?
Health and wellness for me is a lifestyle and a way of life. My top tips are don’t fall off the bandwagon in the first place. Make it a priority to eat whole foods, move every day and take care of your body and mind.

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