The journey to having a baby is a very personal one and no two paths are the same however, there is a brand that has made huge strides in supporting both women and men in the pursuit of conceiving and that brand is Proceive®. Proceive®’s multi-award winning range of scientifically formulated fertility and pregnancy supplements are developed by fertility experts and designed to support the nutritional needs of the body when trying for a baby and throughout pregnancy. 

Dr Michelle Hone, founder of the Fit Clinic who specialises in female health (you may know her as @thefitclinic) says “The important thing to understand about all supplements is that they are not all made equally, and quality really matters. The reason we love Proceive® is that they only use the highest quality ingredients in the formulation of each product, so you can be sure that you’re giving your body and future baby the absolute best!” Before Proceive® was created, the preconception market had very little to offer in the way of a complete fertility supplement that provided tailored nutrients at the appropriate levels for each stage of the conception and pregnancy journey with high-quality ingredients at the optimal strength in highly absorbable forms. This is so important because there are many supplements out there that will claim to be able to support your fertility and pregnancy journey but more often than not they either have a little bit of everything and not enough of anything or else focus on only a select number of nutrients. Proceive® was developed after years of research by medical and nutritional experts, using clinical data from a wide range of scientific studies to make sure that their range of products offers high-quality ingredients in the amounts that your body needs in order to be able to give it it’s best chance of conceiving. 

Of course, it is also important to look at your health and lifestyle too and see what changes you could be making there. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of delicious nutrients, minerals and vitamins is important, as is keeping your stress levels low. However, Dr. Phil Boyle from Neo Fertility comments that although “nutrition is essential to conception. invest in a good quality vitamin for you and your partner. I would always recommend taking a supplement with a comprehensive formulation; women should make sure that they take something that includes B vitamins and magnesium as well as folic acid, whilst men should ensure they are supporting the quality of their sperm with selenium and arginine.”

Proceive® contains 11 minerals designed to support fertility and reproduction, 13 essential vitamins, amino acids, Omega 3 DHA and CO-Q 10, a powerful antioxidant that is found in every cell of the body. This unique concoction works alongside a healthy lifestyle to provide couples with the best chance of conceiving.  Lala, 36, a Proceive® Max Women Customer raves about the product: “After 4 years of trying to conceive naturally without success and then 15 months of fertility treatments (IUI and IVF) I am finally pregnant! I was advised by a friend to give Proceive® Max Women a go. I took it for 3 months leading up to my last frozen embryo transfer (which was when I found out about Proceive®) and we finally got our positive result. I recommend buying a shaker bottle and mixing a bit of orange juice with a bit of water in the shaker, then simply mix and drink alongside a meal! The tastiest supplement out there by far and a great result for us.”

And it’s not just Lala, Naomi, 39, also a Proceive® Max Women Customer is enormously happy with the product “We have been trying to conceive for six months and taking Proceive® Max Women for the past four months and we have just found out we’re pregnant. I am 39 years old and so feel very happy to have found this high strength fertility product. My husband took Proceive® Men. I would definitely recommend it!”

Proceive® also understands that when trying to conceive and while pregnant its important to eat a clean, healthy, balanced diet, and so they believe that only the purest, active nutrients should go into our products and nothing else. That’s why you won’t find any fillers, binders or preservatives in the range. Fillers are often found in tablets to bulk them out, while binders are the glue used to hold a tablet together. It does cost a little more to produce (which is why other brands use tablets) but with Proceive® you are guaranteed high quality, pure active nutrition in each and every box.

Proceive® really are the gold standard when it comes to prenatal and pre-conception supplements. Their range is tailored depending on the person’s age, gender and situation;

• Proceive® Women – For women under 35 years

• Proceive® Men – For men under 40 years

• Proceive® Max Women – For women over 35 and/or women of any age trying for 12+ months

• Proceive® Max Men – For Men over 40 and/or men of any age trying for 12+ months 

The Proceive range is available from Boots and Holland & Barrett stores and online. Visit https://proceive.com for more information.