It’s the last day of our week long detox with Pukka! To celebrate what has been an amazing, healthy start to 2016, we sat down with Pukka co-founder and master herbalist Sebastian Pole to find out how we can incorporate detoxifying herbs and supplements into our diet all year round and why you should too! Read on for the lowdown…

How can herbs help our bodies to detoxify?

The main organ in our body that supports natural cleansing and detoxification is the liver. There are many effective plants that will boost liver functioning and enhance these processes and some of the best herbs for the job are those with a characteristically bitter taste. Plants with a strong green colour indicate the presence of chlorophyll, a natural antioxidant that protects our body from damaging free radicals.

What are your favourite detoxifying herbs?

Most bitter tasting herbs such as turmeric, neem, andrographis and classic green algae packed with chlorophyll such as spirulina and chlorella are the liver’s best friends, helping to aid detoxification. Aloe vera juice is also a great, potent cleansing and rejuvenating tonic. Use an Aloe Vera Juice which is 100% organic and made from the inner gel of the whole plant to make the most of your aloe. Finally, Ayurveda’s most renowned formula for cleansing the digestive system is triphala. Three Indian fruits, amla (high in antioxidants), haritaki and bibhitaki, remove toxins from the digestive tract.

How can we incorporate detoxifying herbs into our diets?

Topping up with dark, leafy greens and foods with a slightly bitter taste will boost liver functioning and stimulate natural detoxification processes. It’s also important to support a healthy circulation and encourage a healthy blood flow to re-energise and oxygenate the body. So, warming, stimulating and mildly spicy foods are also great during a detox. Avoiding mucus forming foods such as dairy and highly processed fats which are more difficult for the body to digest and breakdown, will also support a more productive detox.

What is the role that teas can play in the detoxification process?

Teas play an extremely important part in the detoxification process. Obviously drinking plenty of naturally caffeine and sugar free water helps us rehydrate, enabling our kidneys and liver to remove waste from our bodies. If it’s hot water then all the better. Drinking hot water strengthens our digestion and is a fantastic cleanser. Think of washing up: if you have a greasy plate and you use cold water, the fat will simply congeal. However, if you use warm water, the grease melts away.

Finally, adding the right herbs to your hot water further aids the cleansing process. Try infusing the beneficial properties of herbs like fennel, aniseed and nettle in your tea. Alternatively, green teas (which do contain caffeine, albeit in much lower quantities than coffee) are high in antioxidants which help protect cells in your body from free radical damage from exposure to chemicals, smoking and pollution.

How important is supplementation in a detoxifying regimen?

In an ideal world we would all be eating the right foods to help us cleanse. But it’s not always that easy. By incorporating supplements into our diets we can give our body a helping hand. If someone is new to detoxing, supplementation will steer them in the right direction, and if you are more experienced, it can help you to reach a deeper, stronger level of detoxification.

What supplements can we take to assist our bodies in the detoxification process?

 Pukka Clean Greens is the ideal solution for those who have perhaps never undertaken a cleanse before. A combination of 11 supergreens, Clean Greens is a gentle cleanser that is suitable for everyday use, helping the body keep on top of its daily cleansing and detoxification needs.

Clean Chlorella is especially effective in the removal of heavy metals and pollutants, supporting their detoxification from the body. It is a great option for those who are looking for a deeper detoxification.

Aloe vera is cooling, soothing and regenerative to hot and irritated tissues of the body, particularly the liver and the digestive tract. It will help optimise the functioning of both, whilst also protecting them from damage.

Wholistic Triphala is a combination of three fruits that optimise the health of the digestive tract. The three fruits are amla, bibhitaki and haritaki and in combination they both nourish and cleanse the digestive tract. Perfect after the indulgence of the festive season.

Can we use detoxifying herbs and supplements if we already have a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is key to optimal health. However, supplementation can be helpful if we want to give our body an extra boost. For example if we’ve been hit with seasonal colds or flu, or if we’ve over-indulged during a festive period.

What are some of the benefits that we can expect by incorporating detoxifying herbs and supplements into our diets?

Through supporting our body’s natural detoxification and cleansing processes, we are helping our body’s own ability to metabolise out excess wastes and toxins. This helps us feel more energised, enhancing our overall feeling of wellbeing.

Describe the perfect day of detoxifying using Pukka teas and supplements from morning to night…

Start the day with a cup of Detox and Lemon tea to stimulate the digestive juices and rehydrate. Before breakfast, mix Clean Greens powder with a little Aloe Vera juice to support your body throughout the rest of the day. Keep yourself topped up with a little Aloe Vera after each meal if you feel your digestion needs a little extra helping hand. Drink plenty of warming herbal teas throughout the day. Detox is a good choice but if you want a mild caffeine boost, Pukka Matcha Green tea is a fantastic antioxidant booster. Before bed take Wholistic Triphala to rejuvenate your digestion and get it ready for the next day ahead.

For more on the benefits of herbs in Ayurveda, read Sebastian Pole’s book A Pukka Life – A guide to food, yoga, lifestyle and general wellbeing advice to suit your dosha type – we love!

Interview by Zsa Zsa Vella

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