Mayfair’s newest addition – Barre Core Mayfair!

reviewed by Molly Jennings

Set in the basement of one the elegant white townhouses on Cavendish Square, lies the newest Barre Core studio. As I enter, the first thought that comes to my mind is “airy”. This studio may be in the basement but the placement of the windows and the use of lighting makes it feel so fresh and spacious. It consists of two large studios, a private training room and stylish changing facilities. The coolest part is the reception area as it has every health freaks’ dream, a large selection of BarreBazaar delights that includes some of the teams favourite health and fitness goodies, like Love Raw Bars and Coyo yogurts! Post-workout snack anyone?

I am here to experience their new Barre Express class created by founder, Niki Rein. A 30 minute intense workout that combines a mixture of cardio, inner thigh and butt exercises to get you looking gorgeously lean and toned. This is totally up my street… I much prefer doing more intense workouts for 30 minutes rather than slog it out in the gym for an hour. Barre Express was devised for busy bees who struggle to fit exercise in to their daily routine and for people wanting to resolve their tummy troubles. Recent research actually shows that shorter, more intensive workouts are the best for reducing the production of cortisol, the main stress hormone that is responsible for depositing fat just below the belly button. These 30 minute blast classes are designed to leave you feeling hot and sweaty without the “burn out” feeling you sometimes get after long workouts.

The Verdict

Taking our class is Morgan Ramirez, Head of Training. This Dallas born beauty started her career as a professional dancer, and then found her passion for Barre at the famous Physique 57 in New York. Her face may be sweet and her body toned and petite, but when it comes to class, she certainly knows how to make you work! Her enthusiastic manner and her strong encouragement makes you want to keep going, even if your legs are shaking like jelly on a roller coaster! Morgan whips us through a quick, heart raising warm-up and then directs us to the barre! She then proceeds to take us through their signature dance inspired, high intensity, low impact series of thigh movements. It all about lots of tiny pulses where you truly learn the meaning of the word “burn”! She then interjects some quick cardio interval training back in the middle of the room before heading back to the barre again for some serious booty action. Again, lots of pulsing movements in balletic positions. The whole experience was so fun and really enjoyable, just how exercise should be. And because you know its only half and hour, you really give it all you’ve got. Sometimes, when you know you’re going to be working out for an hour, you tend to pace yourself in fear of tiring too quickly.  I believe that quality over quantity is definitely the way to go and Barre core is paving the path to exercising, the short and sweet way.