There’s no such thing as good or bad meditation, but finding what works for you is absolutely essential. If you’ve ever been asked to sit completely still for a prolonged period of time and been uncomfortable, it can be absolute torture. And if you’ve ever tried meditation then you’ve probably experienced this on at least one occasion. So, this is where finding what works for you is so important. Meditation is so powerful, but just because someone tells you to sit on the floor with a straight spine doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Luckily, there are other options in hand, so why not try a few other things before you write meditation off as not for you.


Floatworks, Vauxhall
This was one of the most unique experiences we have had in a while. Basically, you float for an hour. But when we say float in this context, we felt truly weightless for the first time. You don’t have to support your body at all, you become floppy and gradually drift into a deep meditative state. This was a time away from absolutely everything but on a level far more extreme than usual. Usually, a mindful minute might involve sitting quietly, away from your phone or a screen, but you can still hear sounds, feel the chair beneath you, be aware of your clothes, whilst you’re floating, however, you have absolutely none of this and that is such a peculiar but also calming feeling. If your someone who finds the whole “meditative position” difficult, we cannot recommend this enough. floatworks.com


Yeotown Kitchen, Marylebone
This is not your average café, set up by yoga teacher Mercedes Sieff and her husband, Simon, it somehow manages to provide a true escape in the centre of London. How? Venture downstairs and you’ll find some egg-like pods which are specifically for mediation purposes. With motivational quotes, all over the walls and a ridiculously scrummy breakfast, don’t think of it as meditation, but more like delicious overnights with a side of eggs (meditation eggs). Struggle to meditate on your own? Try one of Yeotown’s 5-minute meditations they have waiting for you. Including:

  • The Basic Break: For a quick rejuvenation in mind, body and being
  • The Bravery Break: For a boost of courage
  • and confidence (perhaps pre-meeting/ presentation/date?)
  • The Beauty Break: To encourage self-love and finding beauty within
  • The Brain Break: To soothe anxiety, gain better clarity and perspective
  • The Balance Break: To restore focus, direction and equilibrium



triyoga Gong Baths
Get lulled into a deep meditative sleep by a gong bath. Not an actual bath for those asking and everyone always asks. It’s more a bath of sound and vibrations which come from a huge gong and many smaller gongs, most of their sessions here start with a gentle yoga flow followed by the gong bath. If you’ve ever done yoga nidra, it is very similar. You’re mostly awake but sort of drifting in and out of consciousness. The way we can explain it is you can see the things that you’re worried or concerned about but not really think about them just like passing clouds. We always leave these sessions feeling light as a feather, and usually ready for bed! Try and evening gong and you’ll sleep like a baby! triyoga.co.uk


Method, Mindful Method
Why not try a short mindfulness session first thing in the morning? Natalia Bojanic holds a morning session for 30 minutes at Method in West Brompton and in the mornings and it really sets you up perfectly for the day ahead. You can get cosy in their mindful garden with blankets, bolsters and cushions and find a way to sit or lie that works for you and just take some time for yourself. Start to focus on what is important and see if that mindfulness can carry you through the day. www.methodmovement.co.uk


Insight Timer
If you’re at home and struggle to get in the zone because you’re checking the time or just can’t stop you’re the mental chatter then fear not, we’ve all been there. The biggest remedy for this is an app called Insight Timer. There are a whole host of meditations on there covering so many bases depending on what you want. There are also settings you can configure to give you 5-minute mini chimes to help bring your focus back just like someone would in a guided meditation, especially useful if you want to start meditating alone. There are also background sounds you can add which might help calm you and focus your attention. Definitely one for someone short on time or if you want something on the move. insighttimer.com


Many meditation gurus say we should sit with a straight spine but we believe that if it’s going to cause so much discomfort that you can’t meditate at all, then start slowly. Meditating lying down or in a comfy chair while you find your groove then gradually moving to that longed-after lotus. Find what works for you and soon you’ll be levitating.

words by Rachel Cruickshank @thebodynatural