There’s no such thing as good or bad meditation, but finding what works for you is absolutely essential. For some, sitting in lotus position for 30 minutes a day is exactly what they need to feel zen and connected, while others couldn’t think of anything more torturous. However, setting time aside to reconnect with who you are is incredibly important for your mental health, especially if you lead quite a dynamic lifestyle. How you do that is up to you and it doesn’t always have to be strictly meditation. Mindfulness has been one of the buzz words for 2019 and it can involve all sorts of activities that provide the same benefits as a meditation by paying attention to the present moment and being more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Practising mindfulness is sort of an entry-level to meditation, just a more accessible and easier way for people to focus on their mental wellbeing. If you’ve struggled to get into meditation but want to incorporate some kind of mindful practice, then read on for some mindful activities that can help you switch off without you even trying. 

We couldn’t think of a more relaxing way to zone out and tune into the present than a little flower power. With multiple studies showing that a little bit of gardening helps reduce anxiety and improves mental health, it’s no surprise that the NHS has started prescribing gardening as an alternative therapy. Whether it’s getting involved with a local garden centre or community gardens or simply booking onto a weekend course, it could be just what you need to practise some mindfulness.

Mastering a skill can be a great way for people to switch off and live in the moment and we’ve recently started taking pottery classes. Getting your hands dirty and being creative is great for the soul and you can actually turn this activity into a lovely social gathering. Got some creative pals? This is a great way to bond with them.

Much like gardening, foraging is a lovely mindful activity that allows you to reconnect with nature and spend some time outdoors, a combination which is brilliant for mental health and wellbeing. Depending on where you live, you can forage for all sorts of things. Whether it’s food like berries, herbs or mushrooms (side note: know your mushrooms as some can be toxic) or simply just collecting beautiful leaves and some of nature’s little treasures for some artwork, foraging is an ideal solo date where you can tune into your thoughts and feelings. 

Speaking of art! Why not join a local art club or enrol in an after-work course to let out your inner creative? Art can be a great form of expression and can be incredibly therapeutic. Whether you’re into watercolour or life drawing, unleashing your inner Picasso could provide you with more than just beautiful artwork to take home.