Honoured as the super-nutrient of the 21st century, you are probably well aware by now that CBD is free from any intoxicating effects that are associated with cannabis. Instead, we’re left with the health-boosting benefits thanks to its uniquely complex structure. Known to improve focus, calm frazzled nerves, promote better quality sleep, ease inflammation, and improve overall vitality, it’s no wonder us, health and wellness obsessives, have opened CBD into our supplement routines with open arms. On par with superpowered antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, CBD helps to boost the immune system and protect the body from damage caused by free radicals and environmental pollutants. 

Leading the way in CBD Wellness are MEDA, the premium drinks orientated brand that understands living a fast-paced lifestyle can make it difficult to stay calm, focussed and centred. MEDA has reinvented the ritual of ‘taking a break’ and tuning in with your body by creating the ultimate component, their delicious range of CBD drinks. Helping to restore the balance of both the body and mind, these drinks are designed to integrate seamlessly with your everyday routine to boost your wellbeing. Tailored to endorse a variety of different areas in our lives, from improving focus to aiding sleep and physical recovery,  MEDA has mastered the art of creating a refreshing drink that does so much more than simply quench your thirst!

Packed with nutrients, adaptogens, nootropics and premium broad-spectrum liposomal CBD for optimal absorption and effectiveness, MEDA has worked incredibly hard to formulate a tasty drink that really is going to enhance your wellbeing. CBD often gets a bad rep for its earthy taste which puts many people off. MEDA has combatted this by creating the most divine mix of natural flavours that mask any unpleasant tastes from the CBD. All MEDA products are also organic, vegan, pesticide-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO and contain no refined sugars.

Our fast-paced lifestyles can often leave our Endocannabinoid System function depleted. Our ECS is the body’s master regulator responsible for bringing homeostasis to all of our key biological functions. Cannabinoids such as CBD are thought to support endocannabinoid health, helping achieve equilibrium within the body and avoid health issues such as IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia and MS. 

MEDA has strong ethical and sustainable values. They work alongside UK CBD suppliers who are pioneers in growing a high standard, reliable and sustainable supply of organic industrial hemp. As a London-based brand, MEDA has pledged to keep all manufacturing in the UK to limit their carbon footprint as much as possible.

From morning to night, MEDA has the perfect drink for every mood. Helping to lift your frame of mind, we have been loving sipping on these tasty drinks that leave us feeling positive and refreshed every time!

Our Top Pick…

Calm- Lavender + Chamomile

15 mg micro liposomal organic Cannabidiol, Lavender essential oil to promote relaxation, L-Theanine to reduce anxiety, B vitamin blend to boost mood, Lemon Balm to reduce stress, Chamomile for a calming effect and Ashwagandha to help lower cortisol

Recover- Orange + Pineapple

15 mg micro liposomal organic Cannabidiol, Turmeric to help reduce inflammation, Ginger for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Piperine to increase the bioavailability of curcumin and Vitamin C to act as a natural antioxidant

Focus- Espresso + Vanilla

15 mg micro liposomal organic Cannabidiol, Espresso, Panax Ginseng to aid cognitive performance and for an anti-fatigue effect and Rosemary to help enhance memory and concentration)

Glow- Elderflower + Lime

15 mg micro liposomal organic Cannabidiol, Biotin for cell regeneration, Olive leaf extract for antioxidant and inflammatory effects, Aloe vera to nourish and hydrate and Vitamin C 

Sleep- Cherry + Hibiscus

15 mg micro liposomal organic Cannabidiol, Magnesium to balance GABA levels, Valerian Root Extract for calming, Morello Cherry a natural source of melatonin, 5-HTP to increase melatonin production and Schisandra berry to help lower cortisol

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