Founder of Hush and purveyor of all things cosy

Have a hot bath or shower. This always helps me get rid of any tension in my muscles. Use your favourite bath oil/soap and dryyourself with a linen waffle weave towel. Linen bath towels are fantastic to use as they get softer with every wash, are incredibly absorbent and they dry really quickly. They also gently exfoliate you as you dry which feels great. My favourite bath soap is Aesop Geranium Leaf Body.

Play games. Having kids has re-introduced me to the delights of great games, cards, dominoes. I also have a great puzzle app on my ipad that’s seriously addictive. It may not have the nostalgia of a floor puzzle but it doesn’t take up any room and once you’ve finished you can just start a new one.

Do yoga or any form of exercise. The more strenuous the better, when you feel like you can’t lift one more weight, run for one more second, stretch another millimetre it’s hard to think about anything else. You also feel incredibly virtuous afterwards and go to bed exhausted so you’ll sleep well.

Change into comfy clothes. If I’m not going out, the first thing I do when I get home, after kissing my kids, is get changed into something comfy, no bra, no heals, nothing tight. It sets an intention for the night and puts me into relax mode. This winter we are playing on the huge success of our long harem trousers from last summer and are offering three new silhouettes, which I can’t wait to wear. I think our Bubble Stitch Cardi is also going to be a great success; I love the textured feel to it. Our pyjamas are always a best-seller in the winter, along with our ever expanding range of cosy bed socks and accessories.

Watch a great movie. Endless channel surfing, trying to find something decent to watch on TV or watching something you’re not really enjoying can just add to a day’s stress. I prefer to watch a DVD instead – either a movie or a great series. My favourite movies are After the Wedding and The Sea Inside.

Light some candles. A cluster of glimmering tea lights creates a relaxing mood. A small amount of effort to light but, oh! so worth it. Candles scented with camomile or lavender will have a calming relaxing affect on your mind. Or anything from Diptyque (above).

Make something. Doing something you love is far more relaxing than doing nothing at all and I love a crafty project. Knit (I love Wool and the Gang for great patterns (www.woolandthegang.com/en/home/index), make a scented candle or create an ideas folder for your dream home/garden/wardrobe and fill it full of pictures you love.

Cook. Eating my favourite comfort food is guaranteed to make me feel better about life. Even more so when I make a bit of an effort to make the table look nice for a meal.  Sit at the table rather than in front of the television, light a candle, use your favourite plates and add a little vase of flowers…

For unreserved cosiness this autumn…