Each of us have different bloating triggers – which means there is not one cure for each of us. However, there are many lifestyle factors and techniques that are super effective for keeping the bloat away and leaving you with a happy gut. Here are Madeleine Shaw’s top tips for beating the bloat.

Chew your food– digestion starts in the mouth, therefore if you chew your food, it will help you absorb your food better and reduce undigested food passing through your digestive system and causing a big bloat.

Reduce your stress– your gut is commonly known as your second brain and is super sensitive to stress. Making sure that you find ways to manage your stress and implement more things that make you happy into your life is really important, not only for your mental health, but also for your gut.

Exercise lightly– daily exercise can help maintain normal digestive function, help reduce stress and can also have a great impact on our moods and energy levels. However, over exercising and vigorous exercise can actually trigger bloating, so finding a balance that works for you is super important.

Be a detective– figuring out the food that your body is sensitive to is so important – it’s time to be a detective! Keeping a food diary and noticing when, where and how you eat can be essential for figuring out your triggers and beating the bloat.

What Else– when or if you find nothing is working, you may want to try the low FODMAP diet. The low FODMAP diet is a diet which avoids Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols foods, which are a collection of short chain carbohydrates, poorly absorbed by someone with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Happy Gut Guide, my 12 week self-care IBS program will talk through everything you need to know about the low FODMAP diet, but most importantly it will provide a 360°educational approach on everything from lifestyle, to mind, to movement. Supporting you every step of the way on your journey towards a happy gut!

Madeleine Shaw’s Happy Gut Guide will be launching in the New Year so sign up to her website, happygutguide.co.uk to be kept in the know!

words by Madeleine Shaw