After 20+ years of designing the best-feeling athletic wear, Lululemon has applied those same innovations and insights to create the best-feeling footwear which is set to launch this Spring! Now you really can be head-to-toe in Lululemon!

“Did you know women have a completely different foot morphology than men? Still, most athletic shoes are designed for a man’s foot—then shrunk down for women.”

Over four years of research and development went into shifting the focus from the shoes to the humans wearing them. The result: a women-first footwear collection that feels like nothing else. Here’s why:

• A new women’s-specific shoe shape built from scratch—based on scans of more than a million feet and refined through countless rounds of wear-testing—improves the fit, feel and function of each shoe.

• Each style’s cushioning system is custom-tuned to improve the experience of its given activity.

• Human-first design and premium materials create a sleek upper that cradles your foot in comfort and supports you in motion.

• Lululemon has created every shoe to a feeling. It’s infused into every stage of the design process, material selection—even the colours chosen.

Meet Blissfeel – The run you’ve always wanted.

With more innovative designs set to launch later, Blissfeel is launching on April 5th and we’re a little bit excited! The Blissfeel running shoe has a thick layer of Lululemon’s exclusive compound foam to balance cushioning, energy return, and performance. You could say this is the most ideal women’s running shoe ever created, moulded and designed to the delicate female anatomy of the foot.

Launching soon on Lululemon.co.uk