Our Partnerships Director has been in the beauty, wellness and fashion industry for 15 years. Here are her tips on how to elevate your wellness from skincare products to self-care heroes.

Spring is here! Spring is such a lovely time of the year to refresh your mindset, boost your workout and a time to banish winter skin blues to revive new life and vitality.  These are some of my key pieces getting me excited for the change of season, to set me up for spring and celebrate coming into warmer months.


I love refreshing my workout wardrobe as I come into spring, to give me that fresh boost and motivation. Finding the balance between selfcare and work can always feel tricky, but when you feel good, your mindset shifts to a place where selfcare becomes an important focus. If you need some inspiration for your spring workout the best place to turn to for a wardrobe refresh is Cult activewear brand Varley. Featuring elevated essentials and contemporary performance wear, Varley draws inspiration from both to create collections that are highly technical with an elevated yet understated edge, that will have you coming back time and time again. 

I love the high-performance fabrication on their Lets Go high waisted leggings to give me the support I need, even in the toughest training sessions (no one wants to spend their whole workout pulling up their waistband)  as well as the most comfortable yet supportive Lets Go bras. I also love their gorgeous loungewear and their sweatshirt Freya with a cinch-able waist is the best way to take you from the gym to brunch and is my favourite cosy jumper; perfect for weekends on the sofa. 


This gorgeous serum by Oskia has become an absolute staple in my skincare regime for everything. I cover myself in it from head to toe and use it for everything from my daily facial serum, my body moisturiser and even as a soothing aftersun. I slather it on for microneedling, as a mask and apparently, it’s gentle enough to use on children.  It really does it all. During the winter months, I completely neglect my body ( I know tut tut) and as Spring enters I go into panic mode to revitalise my body and bring it back to life. Oskia has me covered with this amazing Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Water Serum which transforms my skin to feel more radiant and hydrated. Founder Georgie believes every bathroom should have a bottle and I am totally with her. No more standing around waiting for your moisturiser to dry before you can get dressed while your toddler demands to be carried and the dog is licking it off your legs, this serum dries instantly leaving you with beautifully hydrated skin.


Born in the 80s I was part of the 90’s and 2000’s trend of thin, barely there over plucked eyebrows. Years ago in the hope to gain a more natural brow, I threw away my tweezers, but sadly the damage was done. After decades of following the thin brow trend my eyebrows have remained incredibly fine. My mother always said eyebrows really frame a face and is totally obsessed with Kate Middleton’s eyebrows so I was incredibly excited to try Brow Lamination at Blink Brow Bar. Brow Lamination involves straightening your hair and fixing your hair with a solution and tint. The result; gorgeous fuller looking brows that you can brush into shape. Think fluffy, brushed-up brows that look natural and require minimal grooming. I honestly didn’t think it could have this impact and I am now officially obsessed.


After what feels like a really long winter, and starting the year catching every possible cold, flu or virus around, I feel like my skin needed some serious TLC to bring it back to life. As a self-confessed skincare junkie, I am always on the lookout to try something new to keep my skin looking its very best. Who doesn’t want to step out of the house with great skin and not need any foundation? Desperate to add more hydration to my skin and to achieve more of a glow I turned to BIOEFFECT. An Icelandic skincare brand with natural EGF as their hero ingredient and the first pure plant-based EGF ( made from barley) in the world. 

Without getting too sciencey, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a signalling protein found naturally in our skin and is imperative for the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to keep our skin looking youthful and prevent sagging and fine lines. Our EGF rapidly starts to decrease already from our twenties so BIOEFFECT’s amazing products are the perfect way to boost your skin’s appearance. I consider myself a bit of a layering expert. I love to start my routine with an essence to hydrate my skin and BIOEFFECT’s EGF Essence is now one of my all-time favourites. Just a few drops pressed onto your face will saturate your skin with moisture. Next, their EGF Serum is their bestselling item and it’s honestly revolutionary. A little goes a long way and my skin is feeling so smooth and hydrated and  I am already seeing fewer lines. The last part of my skincare routine is their amazing Hydrating Cream. I have always had dry skin and I find finishing my routine with a cream helps all the oils and serums to absorb. This gorgeous rich cream instantly floods with hydration and feels super luxurious.