There’s nothing like a good bit of fitspiration from your health and fitness idols to get you revved up and cracking on with your goals – which is why we’ve delved into the Hip & Healthy Fitspo archives to bring you a compilation of the very best advice and motivational quotes from the industry’s top gurus. Here’s our cream-of-the-crop, ultimate anthology to get you inspired in the most pivotal areas of wellness – food, fitness, mindfulness and having fun!


For me it is the strong, fast, powerful women that I find inspiring and beautiful.  You need to feed yourself, just make sure you are putting the right things in. The biggest mistake boot-campers, or anyone who exercises a lot, can make is starving themselves or restricting their calories by too much.
Anya Lahiri, Barry’s Bootcamp

In terms of all round health, nutrition is only part of the puzzle. You could have the most perfect diet in the world, but if you’re stressed, not sleeping well and lacking energy then something’s obviously not right there. I think a lot of people are confused about what to eat but it’s all down to what makes you feel good, what’s most convenient and makes you happy.
Lottie Murphy, Blogger & Pilates Instructor

I couldn’t regulate my heart rate, circulation, digestions, immune system etc. I tried conventional medicine for about six months but sadly this didn’t help and I was still bed-ridden most of the time so I decided to heal with food. Overnight I gave up gluten, dairy, refined sugar and meat and started eating a wholefood, plant based diet. It took me eighteen months to feel well again and come off my medication, but it’s really worked!
Ella Woodward, Deliciously Ella

Get creative! The stigma with healthy eating is that it can be really bland, boring and hard to maintain. But in fact, it is anything but! You can make everything from chocolate brownies, cheesecakes, and mousses to lasagne, currys and pizza – all completely healthy and natural! You just have to be open minded, and be playful! It’s not about depriving yourself, it’s about using natural unrefined, unprocessed food in combinations that are not only wonderful for you but satisfy your taste buds too!
Saskia Gregson-Williams, Naturally Sassy founder & ballerina

You cannot use exercise to compensate for a bad diet.
Lorraine Pascale, Chef & presenter


Training with hidden issues such as underlying injuries and muscle imbalances will significantly slow your progress down and cause unwanted stress on the body and raises cortisol levels. The same goes for anyone with hormone issues generally caused by bad choices and lifestyle habits, add a grueling workout to this and you’ll be literally piling on the pounds with each session not losing them.
Dylan Jones, PT and P4 founder

I was lucky enough to be naturally slim but it’s easy to take advantage of how kind your body has been to you. It’s important to realise we only have one body…we need to take good care of it.
Lucy Mecklenburgh, TOWIE star & fitness enthusiast

If I am planning to meet a friend, then rather than suggest a restaurant or bar, I like to head to exercise classes together. It’s a great way of finding that extra time in the day and always fun to do with a plus one.
Calgary Avansino, Vogue Health Editor & wellness expert

I’m a sucker for HIIT (high intensity interval training) because it’s short and really hard but you see results quickly. I used to be in the gym 1-2 hours a day and now I cringe at the thought of being there that long!
Nikki Sharp, model

If one element is out of sync with the other you can’t expect to reach your maximum body potential. If you’re training hard in the gym, put the same effort into eating the right foods and cutting out bad habits. Choreograph your training and nutrition so they would win a ballroom dancing competition
Russell Bateman, Skinny Bitch Collective

Exercise makes me feel calm and happy and at the same time makes me feel energised and positive – you can’t get much better than that. It’s fun, it’s good for you and it is a powerful tool for the mind, helping to alleviate stresses and anxiety.
Calgary Avansino, Vogue Health Editor & wellness expert

Incorporating weights in to your fitness regime is the fastest and most efficient way to achieve a leaner and toned body: your butt will change shape and become lifted, your legs will be come firmer around the wobbly bits, your tummy will become firmer, your posture will be better, and most importantly you will feel better and your bones will slowly become stronger.
Lorraine Pascale, Chef & presenter

For me, the most important thing is getting into a consistent routine. That way, my body knows what’s coming on a subconscious level, and it’s ready to perform when I need it to. I make sure that I’m sleeping at the same times, napping if necessary, and eating high quality meals at regular intervals.
Stephanie Reid, Team GB Sprinter & Long Jumper


Your health and physical appearance is so connected to every other aspect of your life, once you feel happy on the inside some amazing things manifest on the outside.
Dylan Jones, PT and P4 founder

‘Embrace your body. It’s amazing.’
Russell Bateman, Skinny Bitch Collective

Have an achievable goal rather than something that is unsustainable. The important thing is to START, once you start feeling good and you start to see the results nothing will stop you.
Natalia Bojanic, PR guru & Women’s Health’s The Body Winner

If I’m honest I’m not always motivated, I think it’s totally normal to have a few days where you loose motivation but then I think it’s just a matter of scheduling in a class that you like and making it important – think of it like a meeting or anything else that you have to do.
Ella Woodward, Deliciously Ella

I have a really strong work ethic; whatever I do I work hard and put 100% into it. I believe you get out of life what you put in and opportunities don’t find you, you have to find them.
Gemma Neill, Commonwealth Cyclist

I think I am just so much more productive when I am being healthy. I have a clearer mind and I have more stamina to tackle the day.
Lucy Watson, Made in Chelsea


I wanted to open my mind more to the possibility that a new way of thinking could change my life and it really has. Health used to just mean fitness and food to me, but now it’s more about the overall wellbeing of a person – mind, body and soul.
Cat Meffan, Blogger & yogi

You are in control, you have the reins, you can choose happiness and you can choose to be the best, most glowing, energised, fit and loving version of yourself… but also know that it’s okay if your not that version every single day!
Lottie Murphy, Blogger & Pilates Instructor

I know it sounds like a cliché but I make a special effort to smile at people, help someone and compliment people if I’m having a down day – I really believe the good vibes bounce back to you.
Calgary Avansino, Vogue Health Editor & wellness expert

The meditation keeps me grounded, learn to be honest with myself, and only do the things which I feel will make me happy. That can come across as conceited but I have reached the stage in life where I feel that if it is not going to make me happy then what is the point.
Lorraine Pascale, Chef & Presenter

My mum always says ‘take each day as it comes’. Whenever I’m stressed or worried about something I think about this and it brings me back to the present moment.
Danielle Copperman, model, blogger & nutritionist

I feel my most confidant when I know that I am doing the best I can, and when my internal voice is being kind, comforting and supportive.
Lorraine Pascale, Chef & Presenter


HAVE FUN…. embrace your cheat days!
Anya Lahiri, Barry’s Bootcamp

I just try to shut out the rest of the world and BE with my little precious girls. Sometimes we read, sometimes we have a dance party and sometimes we just hang out but it’s always the best part of my day!
Calgary Avansino, Vogue Health Editor & wellness expert

I think it’s the small things. Having a manicure, spending time with friends that make me laugh, walking my dog Digby. I’m not a high maintenance person, and I’m really loyal. I get a lot of joy from just spending time with like-minded people.
Lucy Watson, Made in Chelsea

For me, fitness and wellbeing is mostly about the enjoyment of natural movement, keeping fit, alert and confidant – mentally, emotionally and physically.
Jessica Schuring, Heartcore founder

Buy a slow cooker and use it. You can make you and your family amazingly nutritious meals without effort and bad ingredients by throwing in a whole chicken before you go to workout and on with your day and come back home to dinner nearly complete.
Niki Rein, Barrecore founder

[I want to] empower women to be strong not skinny, healthy not hungry and above all HAPPY!
Madeleine Shaw, Health Coach & author