Can you think of anywhere more scenic and mesmerising than the glistening Lake Como? If it’s good enough for Mr George Clooney then it must be pretty alright?! Our Content Editor, Molly, recalls her three-day trip to northern Italy and her time at the iconic Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Lake Como is a case in point you don’t have to travel a million miles to reach paradise. Unlike the Maldives or the Caribbean (both paradise in their own right) Lake Como feels so much more elegant and timeless. There’s just something really magical about the place… it was the sun-kissed, sparkling lake and the un-touched towns that really captured my heart.

In Italy, it doesn’t take much to make me smile from ear to ear. I love the people, I adore the food and I just feel the country offers some of the best scenery in the world. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the coastal towns dotted along the Amalfi coast, you really can’t go wrong wherever you end up. Lake Como, however, had that wow factor, that “je ne sais quoi” that I never want to forget.

After a quick flight from Gatwick to Milan, the lake is reachable either by hire car, taxi or train. Something to note regarding the train… if you’re flying into Milan Malpensa airport, you’ll actually be travelling 20 mins into Milan city centre which is technically further away from Lake Como. So you’re kind of going back on yourself. Car hire or taxi is definitely the best option especially if you’re only going for a long weekend… you’ll want to spend as much time by the lake as you possibly can!

Lake Como is shaped almost like a two-prong fork. The town of Como (bottom left) and the town of Lecco (bottom right) are the two biggest towns. We ventured up the Como prong towards the middle of the lake right at the intersection. Arguably the best place to position yourself, we spent three blissful nights at Grand Hotel Tremezzo in the town of, you guessed it, Tremezzo! Sitting right on the lake, directly across from the infamous town of Bellagio (a place you’ll want to put on your itinerary) the hotel’s origins date back to the early 1900s. Traditional, charming and glamorous, it was everything I had hoped it would be.

Our lake view room was absolutely beautiful. It, of course, featured a little balcony to drink our morning coffee and take in the spectacular views. One of my favourite parts was the top-to-bottom marble bathroom. I’m a bit of a bathroom snob and this one certainly delivered!

The facilities at Grand Hotel Tremezzo are something of dreams. With three pools (two outdoor and one indoor) the most serene ESPA spa, 3-floor gym in its own dedicated building and their very own “T Beach” by the lake, you might struggle to find a reason to leave the place at all!

This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the floating pool on the lake. Very distinctive to Grand Hotel Tremezzo, you’ve probably seen on the likes of Natasha Oakley’s Instagram page! Pre-warning, it’s not heated! Once you finally get your entire body under (an hour or so later!) it’s such a unique experience feeling like you swimming in the lake as the pontoon rocks up and down, side to side.

On to the food. Their main restaurant, La Terrazza offers artistic, Italian fine dining and provides the most romantic backdrop of the lake as the sun is replaced by moonlight. Expect sublime fish dishes and classy pasta (we got the saffron risotto which was delicious). L’escale Trattoria is their slightly more casual restaurant where you can sit on the veranda or cosy up inside the ancient wine cellar. If you’re indulging, opt for their fondu or a classic bowl of spaghetti and you can’t go wrong.

An activity you MUST set aside time (and budget for) is a private tour of the lake in the hotel’s own fleet of James Bond-esque water limousines. A truly unforgettable experience (and probably my favourite memory of the entire trip) this is something not to miss out on. You’ll have your own guide pointing out historic buildings and the odd celebrity/millionaire pad! I’ve got to hand it to Richard Branson. He’s got impeccable taste in villas!

I finished off the long weekend with a trip to the T Spa to try out their body brush, salt scrub and massage ritual, which was much needed to buff away my lurking winter skin! After an invigorating body brush and scrub, I hopped in the shower to rinse and reveal super soft skin ready to soak in all the amazing goodness from the ESPA oil of my choice. Heavenly, heavenly!

As always, leaving is the hardest, least enjoyable part. There’s so much to love about Grand Hotel Tremezzo and so much to explore in Lake Como. I can always tell the success of a trip if I start thinking about planning my next visit before actually leaving, and I can safely say I’m guilty of doing this on day two!

To book your romantic Lake Como getaway at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, head to grandhoteltremezzo.com

words by Molly Jennings