As the health and fitness wave continues to hit London, the city is awash with personal trainers peddling their trade via photos of client’s rippling abs and Instagramming their training sessions. Who wouldn’t be tempted to hire a personal trainer with the promise of a smaller waistline, a washboard stomach, glowing skin and more energy? However, not all trainers offer the same service and finding a good one can be trickier than shopping for the perfect pair of jeans.  An incredible six pack, bulging biceps and a big social media presence doesn’t mean a trainer knows their stuff and will support you in achieving your healthy goals. And when you are investing a lot of money in someone, you want to be sure they really are as good as they seem.

Here at Hip & Healthy, we have put together a list of London’s best, all offering something a little different – just like those jeans, as we know, one size doesn’t fit all.

For a bootcamp blast – Faisal Abdalla 

Ever lusted after Ellie Goulding’s abs? Her trainer is Faisal Abdalla, a Nike Trainer and one of Barry’s Bootcamp’s most popular. Faisal’s sessions are tough but he is just such a good guy, you can’t help but want to give 100% all of the time. Plus his focus is never only on the body-beautiful. Faisal is also known as Mr PMA because of the emphasis he places on having a Positive Mental Attitude not only towards training but also towards life. If a trainer can get you to smile while doing hill sprints, he is doing something right. PMA healthies!

Instagram: @fizzle_28 

Twitter: @f_fizzle


For a bodyweight blitz – Ollie Frost

Former professional rugby player and all round awesome guy, Ollie is a bodyweight-training whizz kid. This type of training, also known as calisthenics, is hotter than ever in the fitness world and it results in a lean, strong, balanced body and some serious ab strength (hello, six pack!). Ollie is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to calisthenics and will always mix some fun bodyweight moves into his sessions (think gymnastic rings and handstands!). Ollie trains clients at Reach Fitness in South West London, an unpretentious, friendly place where you are made to feel part of a big, happy family.

Instagram: @olliefrostpt

Twitter: @Ollie_frost


For a swimmer’s body – Tom Puntis

The Workshop Gym in the Bulgari Hotel, London, is home to some of London’s hottest trainers, one of which is Performance Specialist, Tom Puntis. And Tom isn’t just a pretty face. Not only is he a performance specialist and a fascial stretch therapist but he has garnered a bit of a reputation as one of London’s top swimming-fit specialists, training novice swimmers to those competing in triathlons. Remember the Olympics and seeing all those amazing swimmers’ bodies? Swimmers provide us with some serious fitspiration – they’re super toned, athletic and their cardiovascular fitness is out-of-this-world! What more could you want? With summer upon us, it’s the perfect time to introduce Tom and swimming into our workout repertoire.


Twitter: @tompuntis


For washboard abs – Hollie Grant

Founder of the “Model Method”, Holly is both a personal trainer and Pilates instructor – the pilates pt! Her “Model Method” mixes fat-burning HIIT training with reformer Pilates – an exercise match made in heaven! For long lean limbs and super strong abs, Hollie is our go-to-girl for a hard core. Plus the gorgeous Amanda Byram is a big fan of Hollie’s training method and if it is good enough for Amanda and her incredible bod, it is certainly good enough for us.


Twitter: @PilatesPT


For yummy mummies – Charlie Launder

Charlie Launder is London’s go to girl for pre and post natal fitness. London’s yummy mummies are singing the praises of Charlie, who runs the Bumps and Burpees sessions out of Lomax Gym. As well as group sessions, Charlie takes private clients and specialises in supporting ladies who want to stay strong and healthy throughout their pregnancy and then get back into great shape after birth. And the best thing for mummies training with Charlie is that babies are welcome to come along to sessions.

Instagram: @charlielaunder

Twitter: @charlielaunder


For food and fitness – Ashton Turner and David Arnot

Ashton and Dave are the brains and brawn behind Enhance Nutrition Ldn, a bespoke nutrition and fitness service. Both are personal trainers with a geeky knowledge of how to fuel your body properly. Often a few tweaks to what we eat can transform our bodies, skin, energy and sleep – we just need someone to tell us what to do. The Enhance guys design bespoke, individual programmes which include workouts, meal plans and online support. Or if you prefer, you can choose your favourite of the two and train with them at their base in South West London. Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson is a big fan of the Enhance boys, but if you need convincing, check out their social media for some awesome body transformations.

Instagram: @enhancenutritionldn

Twitter: @Enhance_LDN

Words by Kathleen Fleming