Banish the beer, wean off the wine, and vanquish the vodka. This month we’re highlighting 5 London hotspots that are serving up some drinks that are a little more nutritious and delicious. Dry January needn’t be boring and hopefully, with the help of these exciting alcohol-free options, it shouldn’t be too difficult either.


Agua Frescas at Ella Canta
Agua Frescas, are traditional non-alcoholic Mexican drinks, usually had before food as a palate cleanser, but are also enjoyed with or without food throughout the evening. At Ella Canta the Agua Fresca menu includes Prehispanic Lemonade with lemon, agave, syrup and chia seeds and Coconut Rose and Lychee water with fresh lychee and nectar, lime and coconut. Ella Canta is the Mayfair home of culinary superstar Martha Ortiz who has brought her unique blend of visionary artistry and authentic modern Mexican cooking to London, within a space designed by internationally-acclaimed interior architects David Collins Studio.



Mocktails at Margot
Dry January doesn’t need to be boring and the mocktails at Margot are designed to taste just as special as their alcoholic counterparts. They include Felicitá; a fruity combination of mixed berries, pomegranate, cranberry and lemon, and Mr Greene; a refreshing mix of cucumber juice, apple, agave syrup and lime. Located in Covent Garden, the restaurant is a true celebration of seamless service, refined and beautiful interiors and the authentic food of Italy.



Yeotonics and Yeotinis at Yeotown Kitchen
Yeotown Kitchen, London’s first mindfulness café, serves up deliciously nutritious food and an array of non-alcoholic beverages. From ‘Yeotonics’ to ‘Yeotinis’ all with uplifting names, they’re the perfect alternative if you’re going dry this January. In a serene environment, guests are invited to sip their refreshing beverage, settle into a meditation pod, select a 5 to 7-minute guided mindfulness meditation and emerge feeling refreshed and de-stressed. Yeotown Kitchen is an extension of the Devon-based wellness retreat Yeotown, co-founded by husband and wife team Mercedes Sieff, one of the UK’s leading vinyasa flow yoga teachers and positive psychology coach, and Simon Sieff, avid surfer and yogi.



Toxin-free tipples at Redemption Bar
With locations in Notting Hill and Shoreditch, Redemption Bar is London’s only vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free and alcohol-free restaurant, and serves up delicious eats and mocktails in a gorgeous setting. From their apple mockjito (muddled apple presse, fresh mint and lime, served over crushed ice and topped up with soda water) to their activated charcoal martini (toxin-grabbing activated charcoal shaken with fresh lemon and maple syrup and topped with aquafaba), there’s plenty of delicious, alcohol-free alternatives to try this January. Voted one of the best vegan restaurants in London, the ethos of the Redemption Bar is firmly rooted in caring for the planet while delighting even the most sceptical meat lovers.



Detox Mocktail at Conrad’s Blue Boar Bar
Shaken with green tea, which is renowned for its antioxidant properties, this mocktail is more than just an alcohol-free alternative, it’s the perfect detox after the indulgent festive period.  Sweetened with elderflower, lime juice and a dash of ginger syrup it’s a refreshing and delicious substitute to be enjoyed without abstinence. Blue Boar Bar, is a sophisticated take on the traditional British pub and is locally recognised as the hub of Westminster Village.