Pai Skincare Facial

Good For? Sensitive Skin
This facial is truly luxurious and perfect for all of you who suffer with sensitivity. Pai products emit the most deliciously aromatic scents, which transport you away to the beaches of Thailand. Pai products are also formulated specifically with sensitive skin in mind and are naturally anti-inflammatory with their skin healing ingredients. Irritation be gone! The products are chosen with your skin concerns in mind so you still get a totally bespoke experience. The facial is extremely gentle and restorative on your skin, so in our eyes, it is the ultimate facial for sensitivity sufferers who desire that dewy glow!

Where to go?
Content Beauty is a cute, little boutique store in Marylebone that sells exclusively organic skincare products and makeup. It really is a nature lovers dream! Downstairs, however, you will find their treatment rooms, which are used for beauty treatments and naturopathy.

We LOVE Pai’s Restore & Rejuvenate Facial – 30min | £40 or 60 mins | £70


Sarah Chapman – Light Glow Pod Session

Good For? Busy Bees who want an instant glow
The Sarah Chapman clinic is a calm and luxurious oasis where one can experience true pampering! But if you are pushed for time and need a quick-fix facial then we highly recommend the Glow pod light session, which takes under half an hour and really will give you that instant glow! You will receive a skin consultation before a relaxing cleanse, followed by a twenty minute session with the light therapy machine. It is perfect for any of those short on time, but wanting a brighter look to their skin.

Where to go?
Situated just off Sloane Square in Chelsea, clients can drop in or pre-book an appointment and get a blast of healing light (red for collagen-boosting, yellow for pigmentation and anti-bacterial blue for acne-prone skin) whenever they feel their skin is looking a bit lack lustre.

One session starts at £40


Liz Earle; The Healthy Beautiful Facial

Good for? Congested, puffy skin
The Liz Earle Spa is a perfect pit stop for those feeling in a need of a little TLC. You can choose from a variety of facials or massages, and we tried out The Healthy Beautiful Facial. Melt your troubles away in the comfiest of treatment beds with a gorgeous heated blanket! What better way to enjoy a facial? After receiving a facial cleanse to get rid of any dirt, the treatment follows with a de-puffing and incredibly relaxing 30 minutes lymphatic massage, on your back, neck and shoulders. Be prepared to fall asleep! You are guaranteed to fall in love with the therapeutic smells and scents of the Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare range, which aim to target uneven skin tone, congestion and ageing.

Where to go?
Liz Earle have a few shops dotted around the UK but we always head to the one in Duke Of York Square, Chelsea. It’s such a gorgeous shop with beautiful, uplifting displays of all their products, and their treatment rooms are blissfully tranquil. Be warned – you could leave with a massive whole in your purse!


French & Corry – Environ Active Vitamin Treatment

Good for? Dry, dull skin
French & Corry is a lovely new salon with a very fresh, French shabby-chic feel to it. We experienced the Environ Facial which was developed by Dr. Dres Fernandes, one of the top plastic surgeons in the world. The treatment focuses on getting nutrients and vitamins deeper into the dermal layer of your skin using sound waves and small electrical pulses, using vitamin A, C, and E, which are very high in antioxidants and help fight free radical damage that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis. The facial also includes a super relaxing shoulder massage. Post facial, expect the tone of your skin to look much brighter and any sign of dryness should have vanished! You might experience post facial breakouts but don’t worry, it is completely normal and it’s just your skin’s way of fully detoxifying.

Situated in Hampstead Village, French & Cory also offer an extensive range of facials, including Elemis and Environ as well as massages, manicures and pedicures, waxing and tanning. Environ facials start at £70.


The Santi Clinic, South Kensington

Good for? People wanting a complete skin analysis
If you really want to understand your skin through and through, you must check out The Santi Skin Lab Clinic where you’ll get a full analysis and assessment of your skin. It’s really quite fascinating! Your skin is measured under the following parameters:

Visual photography – a standard assessment of features

Photomicrography – surface analysis of the skin under 15x and 50x magnification

Skin hydration – giving a precise measurement of the hydration levels in your skin in SI units (or units of siemens)

TEWL – (tans epidermal water loss) rate at which the skin loses its moisture. This is a useful measurement to help identify possible skin damage from injury or pathological conditions such as eczema

Skin density/collagen structure – gives an understanding of collagen structure, skin elasticity and the rate at which the skin retracts when pulled measured in micro seconds.

The treatment involves a Glycolic peel (not suitable for sensitive skin), which helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne and also uneven skin pigmentation. The glycol solution is derived from sugar cane and buffs away dead skin cells, resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion. Do expect to feel a few tingly sensations on your face during the treatment but it’s not uncomfortable and isn’t anything to be concerned about. Expect your skin to immediately look dewier (is that a word?!) and more refined with less visible pores.

Where to go?
The Santi Clinic is a stone’s throw away from South Kensington Tube on Thurloe Street. It’s in the perfect spot to grab a post facial smoothie from our fave, Roots & Bulbs!

words Flora Crichton