If you’re looking for somewhere to socialise with your friends this weekend but don’t want the hideous hangover the next day try Redemption, London’s first alcohol-free bar.

Founders Catherine Salway and Andrea Waters created a bar and restaurant to socialise without the expense of your health. The restaurant serves up vegan, sugar-free and wheat-free dishes with the all-important alcohol-free bar, with a list full of delicious drinks, sans the booze.

Cocktails include Pious Pina Colada, Activated Charcoal Martini and Frozen Rose Strawberry Daiquiri. All beautifully crafted with fresh ingredients to nourish your body, rather than ruin it with alcohol.

This buzzing alcohol-free bar concept has locations in Notting Hill, Shoreditch and Covent Garden. Their motto is ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’ and they are firmly rooted in caring for not only ourselves but the planet and its animals. Redemption means to save yourself from sin and evil which is what this concept is all about. The only temptation you’ll be giving into is the nourishment from their mouth-watering menu.

Discover more here – redemptionbar.co.uk

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