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With summer now here (apparently), my ears pricked up when I heard about the new Liposonix treatment available at the prestigious 111 Harley Street Clinic – home of über-skincare brand, 111 Skin founded by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides.  A non-invasive fat busting procedure that promises to make you a dress size smaller in just an hour – it sounded too good to be true. So of course I had to find out more, and after being invited to try it for myself, it didn’t take much convincing… bikini season here I come.

The technical bit:
So what exactly is Liposonix? Well, it’s ground-breaking ultrasound technology that has been developed over 10 years by leading scientist and ultrasound experts to reduce fat from the waistline area without an invasive procedure or scary surgery. It’s the perfect solution for those who struggle to rid themselves of ‘stubborn’ areas and find that exercise and diet don’t help. Which, let’s be honest – in today’s hectic lifestyle seems to happen to the best of us. The ultra-sound device works by heating the fat cells found beneath the skin (without harming it) which ‘melts’ fat and allows the body to naturally process and remove the tissue over 8 to 12 weeks. Once destroyed, fat cells in that area can never reform – meaning once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Clinical studies have shown that just one hour’s Liposonix treatment results in an average waist circumference reduction of 1 inch. And with research showing that 62% of women are most uncomfortable with their tummy/love handles and 75% would give up clothes shopping for one year to lose an inch – it seems as though Liposonix has found an answer the female population’s prayers without us having to give anything up. It’s about time.

The Experience:
Having never had anything like this done before, I have to confess I was somewhat nervous prior to my appointment with Dr. Yannis Alexandrides at the 111 Harley Street Clinic. There are a few consent forms and scary documents to sign, which of course set my imagination into overdrive, however upon chatting to Dr Alexandrides and his assistant – my mind was totally put at ease. Being a leading plastic surgeon who has pioneered his own facelift procedure – it’s safe to say you’re in the best possible hands. He’s also rather handsome which makes the experience that little bit more enjoyable…

After discussing what stubborn area I wanted rid of (lower tummy) I was marked up with pen a là Nip Tuck, measured, weighed and left in the care of Dr. Alexandride’s assistant who carried out the treatment. Lying back on the bed, the area is sprayed with cool water to slightly numb and de-sensitise before the ultrasound device passes over points of the stomach where it remains for a minute each time. Depending on your pain threshold, different strengths of frequencies are used. I was a bit over ambitious and started quite high, but it had to be turned down as I did find it quite painful. It feels like tiny little pricks are piercing your skin followed by a strong heat – which is good as this is what kills the fatty tissue, but it can get a little intense at times. When this happened, she kindly stopped – turned down the frequency – and continued. Perhaps the super brave could grit their teeth and bear it – however I would recommend starting off at a lower frequency and seeing how you go.

Although there is no downtime and it is said that you can continue on with your normal routine following the procedure – there are a few things to be aware of. Don’t do what I did and go on a Friday, as they advise you not to drink alcohol for 24 hours post treatment so your body doesn’t get dehydrated. You are also advised not to eat spicy or bloating foods (as your tummy does swell a bit for a few days after) or have hot baths/expose the area to heat. This is due to the fat cells under your skin retaining the heat of the ultrasound for some time after the Liposonix has finished, and although that’s a good thing during the treatment – it is not something you want to increase at home. I was told I might experience some bruising and tenderness, which I did – but this did pass after a few days.  Some clients apparently go to the gym the very same day – it’s all down to the individual. I felt as though I had done a lot of sit-ups – and hopefully it will leave me looking like I have!

The Results:
Watch this space in 8 – 12 weeks and I’ll let you know…

For more information visit http://111harleystreet.com/about/our-team/dr-alexandrides/