The transition time between summer and autumn is usually one of excitement and extreme nostalgia for our back to school days. And even though the era of pack lunches might be behind us, we still feel the need for a little pick me up before its time to cosy down in our cashmere. Here at Hip & Healthy, we have sourced a few ways to kick-start your Autumn health preparations, because commencing a new regime doesn’t have to wait until January 1st! Let’s start now!


Your New Travel Snack – Deliciously Ella Energy Balls

Our autumnal schedules combined with less sunlight can leave us feeling a little drag. And with those busy schedules comes less time to eat properly (Or so we think!). Often times, you might be tempted to grab a quick cereal bar from the shop to tide you over until your next meal, but more often than not, those are loaded with hidden sugars and contain more ingredients than we can count on our own two hands and feet. Luckily, Deliciously Ella has made it easy for us to fuel our bodies properly when we are in a bind! The health blogger sensation has answered our prays and created three tasty energy ball flavours that are the perfect for post sweat sesh or after a long day of meetings when you’re stuck in traffic. Our favourite is the Cacao & Almond but the Hazelnut & Raisin and Ginger & Cashew are not far behind! Now stocked in Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Waitrose, and even Ocado!


Your New Superfood Boost – Ibiza Superfoods

Your one stop shop for protein and superfoods, Ibiza Superfoods are designed to support your healthy lifestyle with a blend of multiple super foods, which are guaranteed to kick start your health! Each blend is organic, gluten free, vegan and made without any added sugar so you can feel confident that your are fueling your bodies with the best ingredients. We love using the Fit Mix and the Disco Mix in our morning smoothies to get us pumped and off to an energised start!


Your New Cocktail – WOW Chia

What do you get when you combine delicious cold pressed juice and sustainably grown chia seeds? One of the best drinks EVER. Seriously. WOW Chia juices are packed with protein and fibre leaving you feeling full rather than your typical juice where you feel you could knock down about five more. Not only is each juice packed with these hunger stoppers, they are raw, vegan, and cold pressed! Definitely a drink we like to keep on hand!


Your New Workout Class – Ethos

There’s nothing better and more inspiring than jumping into a new fitness routine! We love starting out our mornings with a good run or total body workouts! Not only does it keep our energy up throughout the day, it means that once we are done with work, we can head home and relax! One of our new favourite workouts here in London is TRX with Ethos! The tabata style (a type of short burst interval training) class keeps our heart rate up for an entire hour and not a second goes by without breaking a sweat.


Your New Morning Smoothie Add-In – Macacha Protein

Designed with the active woman in mind, Macacha Protien powders have harnessed the power of plants to help nourish and energise your body. Using pea and rice protein enriched with phytonutrient-rich organic botanicals, Macacha blends are the perfect source of nutrients for when we have little time to make a proper breakfast or a post-workout snack. We love both the Energy and Peace blends which help cater to different parts of your day! Check them out here to read more about their wonderful ethos!

words by Nadia Liu