Urban Retreat, which has quickly become one of our fave beauty and wellness destinations, are trail-blazing the ‘Khera Griggs Wellness Power Half Hour’, a full-body holistic innovation with the collaboration of Beats by Dre and Bodyfriend at the Khera-Griggs Cleanse Clinic. Health-tech brand, Bodyfriend produce of the world’s number-one, premium massage chairs and they really do live up to expectations! Leading the way with a mission to promote everyday wellbeing, Bodyfriend uses advanced Korean technology to give you a full body massage with a variety of beneficial settings, designed to boost blood circulation, brain relaxation, reduce muscle stress and improve overall wellbeing. The Khera-Griggs Cleanse Clinic at Urban Retreat is proudly the only place in the UK where you can get your Bodyfriend fix! 

The ‘Khera Griggs Wellness Power Half Hour’ allows you to experience a meditative, physical and mindful escape using the Bodyfriend massage chair is a seriously cool piece of technology! Unlikely your average massage chair, the plush Bodyfriend encases your entire body so that you can experience a full-body massage. Once you place the latest, noise-cancelling Beats By Dre headphones on, you can sink deeply into the chair and shut the rest of the world out for the next 30-minutes to simply relax…the dream!

Curated by Dr Deepak Chopra, shaman Manex Ibar and crystal healer, Estelle Bingham, the massage menu includes four bespoke zero gravity massage treatments using Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, for a full sensory and digital detox experience that aids insomnia and stress…

  • MEDITATE-  Offers users a light rest mode with a guided meditation by Dr. Deepak Chopra
  • DETOX-  Aims to reduce toxins, boosting a healthy immune system aided by Bodyfriend’s lymphatic mode. Accompanied with the Solfeggio 528Hz Transformation Healing Harmonics
  • LOVE-  Listen to Solfeggio Self Love 639Hz Healing Harmonics and Estelle Bingham Crystals offers a Bodyfriend massage that relieves the stresses of daily life, encouraging a state of heart opening self-love
  • BEAUTIFY-  Gentle recovery massage, booting circulation throughout the body along with exclusive Bodyfriend GLED Mask whilst listening to Healing Harmonics for a revived fresh glow

The ‘Khera Griggs Wellness Power Half Hour’ is the ultimate speedy drop-in sessions for de-stressing, meditation and sonic healing. Honouring spiritual wellbeing, Urban Retreat have carefully thought through every step to make the experience as restorative as possible with special touches including the guided meditation with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Fréquence essential oils applied topically to key chakra points and healing Solfeggio music.

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