Interiors legend, Kelly Hoppen knows a thing or two when it comes to making your home a little slice of heaven and that’s exactly what many of us have been focussing on over the past few months. With multiple lockdowns under our belt, the home has never been a more important part of our lives and we’ve all had to learn to love and make peace with our environment while we navigate working from home, keeping fit, maintaining harmonious relationships and finding ways to feel inspired. Below Kelly shares the impact of fitness on her mental health, her de-stress tool and her biggest life lesson.

My non-negotiable health habit 
I love working out. I wouldn’t miss a training session for anything. It helps me to beat stress, to keep focus on my job and to sleep better. Working out makes me feel more focused, meet deadlines and ready to face the day. I train every day except on Sundays. Exercise is like my meditation and I always feel better for it; it has also helped me to cope with traumatic events in my life like divorce and losing my father. I am no Superwoman, but for me, training gets my head in the right frame of mind for the business that I run. It keeps me emotionally balanced every single day. 

My de-stress tool 
Whenever I feel the need to unwind, I get out of London and head to the countryside. It works every time. I have recently just renovated a lovely barn nearby where my daughter lives and I have spent a lot of time there during lockdown. I have always been a city girl and I never thought I would be that much of a country fan but I absolutely love it there. It makes me feel very calm. 

My biggest wellness indulgence 
To me, my biggest wellness indulgence is to have a personal trainer. I know it’s a massive one but it is so important to my mental state. I train with my personal trainer 4 days a week and we go together to a boot camp retreat every year. 

My favourite room in the house 
I can’t really say as I love all the rooms in our homes. Each space is different and gives me something else. 

My interiors style in three words 
Harmonious. Calm. Home. 

My last google search 
“When can I go on holiday?” I have always loved travelling. It has been a huge source of inspiration for my work and I truly miss it, so I very much look forward to it.

My favourite recipe to cook right now 
During lockdown, I have really picked up my cooking and I love doing it. At the moment my favourite recipe is steamed salmon fillets in miso and steamed vegetables. 

My biggest life lesson 
Enjoy life in the moment and visualise your future.

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