Katie Piper’s story is one we find immensely inspiring and we love that she empowers others to be confident in their skin and proud of their bodies. She’s passionate about looking after her wellbeing so we really enjoyed reading her health habits!


My non-negotiable health habit

Staying hydrated – I try to drink as much water as possible and stay away from too much caffeine or sugary drinks.


My de-stress tool

At the moment I’m writing in my journal, Confidence: The Journal, every day as it gives me the opportunity to offload any stressful thoughts onto paper and recognise the little wins in life – we focus far too much on the negatives and taking those 10 minutes every day to reflect can really make a difference to my mental health.


My favourite workout right now

I’m all about the short, high-intensity workouts that I can easily fit into my busy routine. You don’t need to do a fancy, expensive class, you can do a quick circuit at home with no equipment and still reap the benefits, both mentally and physically. I also love getting outdoors with the girls, running around after those two is a workout in itself!


My guilty pleasure

A gin and tonic! I find alcohol makes me really bloated and lethargic, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy a cheeky tipple every now and then!


My evening ritual

Quite often my evenings are spent writing or catching up with my emails, but I also like to batch cook my meals to make sure there is always something healthy and nutritious to grab when we’re all on the go. I then make myself a herbal tea and will most likely watch TV with my husband, Richie.


My greatest achievement of 2018

2018 was a great year for me, from launching my podcast, Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People, to taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, but for me, it’s probably The Healthy Happy Mum Plan. TerriAnn and I had worked hard to bring a ‘mum-manual’ that didn’t just focus on diet and exercise, but also on your mental health and wellbeing. We have thousands of members now and they all help each other via our online community The Mum Hub – it makes me so proud! 

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan by Katie Piper and TerriAnn Nunns is available for £39.99 at www.thehealthyhappymumplan.co.uk.

image: Dan Kennedy