This week’s Fitspo is our lovely ambassador, nutritional therapist and yoga teacher Kathryn Fielding! We sat down with her to discuss her top tips to beat unhealthy cravings and her journey towards becoming a yoga teacher!


How did your yoga journey begin?
My mother used to practice yoga so she would be my first port of inspiration. I used to go through her books and (attempt) to replicate the postures.


What initially inspired you to become a yoga teacher?
When I started to practice frequently yoga soon became so much more than another form of exercise. The escapism and overall feelings of grounding and acceptance brought on by a deep practice were so strong I wanted to share this with others.


Where is your favourite location/place to practise yoga?
As much as I try to keep up with self-practice I am a big fan of going to classes. I’m still learning daily and Amme Poulton is a teacher who I respect and adore her approach to teaching! Monday’s at Equinox you’ll find me on the mat.


How do you inspire others to start practising yoga?
Gentle encouragement goes a long way. Also, dispelling the myths that you have to be flexible/ a dancer/ a woman helps too. Yoga really is for everyone and I try to be an un-intimidating as possible.


How has becoming a Nutritional Therapist impacted your health and wellbeing?
It’s helped me have a far more balanced approach to food. Eating is one of the most sociable things we can do and how we go about nourishing ourselves is something that should be valued and invested in. I am far more concerned with the journey of what I now eat and prioritise eating locally, seasonally and where possible organically to.


Making healthy meals and snacks can be very time consuming, what do you recommend to busy women that have limited time to prepare food?
Keep things simple. It may seem idealistic to make your own almond milk, but for many this is too time consuming and just won’t happen. There are great brands out there who are doing the hard work for us so I would recommend utilising them. There are certain things which can be done very quickly, and preparing a healthy meal often is best done using 5 or less ingredients. Another option is to allocate an afternoon to preparing food for the week in advance.


How do you advise people to deal with unhealthy cravings, what is the secret?
Habits are learned and equally un-learned. I start with explaining the benefits of removing/ replacing the “unhealthy” craving and give realistic alternatives. A balanced diet is just that, balanced, so entire deprivation often results in binging. Knowing you can have a slice of birthday cake without ruining your diet plan often is empowering. More often than not, the act of reducing consumption of “unhealthy foods” and increasing the consumption of natural, real food, changes peoples taste. Eating well undeniably feels good and this in itself becomes the motivation that helps clients steer clear of their “craved” foods.


Craving often indicate an imbalance, for example craving chocolate can be associated with low levels of magnesium (dark chocolate contains high levels of magnesium). By restoring minerals/ vitamins that may be lacking can go a long way in combating cravings too.


What is your favourite juice/smoothie?
I prefer smoothies to juice due to the higher fibre content which helps balance blood sugar levels. Coconut water, spinach, cucumber, lime, mint and spirulina is my go-to smoothie.


What 3 ingredients do you use most for cooking?

  1. Odourless coconut oil: Nobody can tell you are using coconut oil, personally I like the taste but it can divide the crowds.


  1. Turmeric root: tea/ soups / curries / smoothies – endless uses and the anti-inflammatory hype is there for a reason.


  1. Fresh chilli: I adore spicy food and equally appreciate the high levels of Vit C, Vit A, B6 and metabolism boosting properties found in chillies.

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