Walking off the catwalks and steeping into the world of wellness, fashion icon Kate Moss is launching her new business venture, Cosmoss. Kate’s calling to prioritise her personal well-being came after years of absorption in her high flying fashion career, that came hand in hand with a plethora of detrimental health connotations. Reigning the antics of the fashion world in, and honing in on both her physical and mental health, Kate has shifted gears into a more holistic outlook. Swapping magazines for meditation and partying for gardening, Kate’s new found spiritual approach puts her effortlessly trendy and chic stamp on Cosmoss. 

The self-healing collection includes a moisturiser and cleanser, Golden Nectar, a rich antioxidant oil that encapsulates Kate’s beauty secrets, the Sacred Mist eau de parfum, boosting uplifting aromas and two mood-enhancing teas, an energising blend complimented by a calming blend. The ingredients list in uncompressed, all vegan, sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. 

Kate’s ‘why’ behind her curated edit of wellness hero products, is that they form the rituals that keep her mind at bay. Her wish, for Cosmoss to help others embark of a holistic journey of their own. 

Visit https://www.cosmossbykatemoss.com for more information

Image from Cosmoss Instagram @cosmoss