England rugby legend, Jonny Wilkinson, knows how important physical and mental health is for all-round wellbeing. As an athlete, peak physical fitness is key but many sportsmen, like Jonny, also harness the power of the mind to achieve great success. This ability to use the mind as a tool in a positive way lead him to discover a more spiritual way of living in his retirement and an even greater passion for encouraging others to treat their body well in order to thrive. 

As a huge advocate of eating and drinking well, Jonny recently launched his first kombucha drink brand, No.1 Living. A long term lover of this fermented drink, he created the brand to inspire people to start living from the inside out and to get across that what we eat and drink has a profound effect on the way our minds and our bodies work. We all know that supporting gut health is a key element of improving our health and what better way to do that than by savouring those quiet moments in the day by enjoying a tasty drink. Kombucha is full of live cultures which is what makes it so wonderful for your tummy and Jonny, combined with his team of taste experts have come up with five delicious flavours that taste as good as they are for you. 

It’s clear from No.1 Living’s brand ethos, Jonny has really embraced all aspects of wellbeing in his years post-rugby, so we caught 5 minutes with him to get more of an insight into his philosophy on life. 


My non-negotiable health habit

Respecting and celebrating the body and the planet


My favourite way to keep fit

This changes all the time but normally involves following my passion for trying new things, challenging myself often using a ball or other objects and engaging my whole body.


My de-stress tool

Is an unending curiosity about myself and the world around me


My guilty (or not so guilty!) pleasure

I don’t have a guilty pleasure as such but I do like to indulge in a good film. I’m a big Keanu Reeves fan so I love The Matrix and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


My evening ritual

Finishing the day in the same energy state that I wish to begin the next one. I do this by bringing myself back to a state of peaceful clarity by dissolving any ideas I have of who I am and how everything around me should be. What is revealed is a connected nature of undecided potential and it is the perfect platform for inspiring brand new opportunity in the next moment.


My biggest life lesson

That there are only two choices in this present moment: explore it or attempt to control it, accept it or try to resist it, live it or think about it, make the most of it or don’t.


The next goal I want to achieve

I have many goals for the future but none can ever compare to the opportunity in this moment now.


My greatest achievement

Is always yet to come.

For more information head to No.1 Living.