You may have tried different bedtime rituals and for some reason, you still can’t manage to get a good night’s sleep. If you have the perfect pre-snooze schedule and you’re still not sleeping or if you’re waking up feeling groggy, the problem isn’t you, it’s probably your mattress and it’s time you should think about breaking up – not just to ease your back pain or feel more rested, but to be happier.


Let’s say you’ve been in your current relationship with your mattress for 5 years. You spend every night together and the honeymoon phase was full of support and comfort and there were even days when you just couldn’t wait to get home to your bed. Flash forward a few years and your mattress is just a pain in the neck and you dread trying to fall asleep because you know you’ll just wake up in the morning with a headache.


Enter Drift. The ‘Mr. Right’ of the mattress world. Traditional mattresses don’t give enough support or are too stiff leaving you with aches and pains the following morning. But with Drift’s technology, unique pocketed springs contour perfectly to your body, ensuring a great night’s sleep free from stiffness. Unlike most mattresses, Drift mattresses are made with natural materials guaranteeing you won’t overheat while you sleep. Built and tested to last in excess of 10 years, Drift is one relationship that won’t leave you feeling disappointed.


Over the years, there have been several different studies on how sleep affects mood, with research proving that those who get more hours of quality sleep are less likely to suffer with depression and anxiety. Individuals diagnosed with insomnia are ten times more likely to suffer with depression and 17 times more likely to suffer with anxiety than those who do not. Here is a look at how lack of sleep affects a few areas of your life.



After a successful nights sleep, there really isn’t anything you can’t do. Productivity levels increase exponentially as you are able to complete the task at hand without mistakes or distractions. Another way sleep impacts productivity especially in the work place relates to your mood. Without quality sleep, the area of your brain that controls your emotions is 60% more reactive than with quality sleep. This means that you are more prone to mood swings and frustration.



Aside from the relationship with your mattress, important relationships such as friendships, partnerships and family ties are all effected when you don’t get enough shuteye. Getting enough quality sleep help guarantees that you can process information better without an instant reaction. It also helps keep you patient when dealing with children or your spouse. 50% of adults report losing patience and yelling at their partner when they are running on low levels of sleep. While sleep keeps you patient, it also is a time for you to recharge. If you have more energy, you are more likely to exercise and have increased libido both of which lead to increased levels of happiness.



At Hip and Healthy, the terms “health” and “happiness” are synonymous. Leading a healthy life full of greens and 10ks makes us feel good that we are taking care of ourselves. We de-stress in yoga or kickboxing and feel confident when we reach for lean proteins and healthy fats at the grocery store. When the layers are peeled back, the foundation that makes us tick is sleep. If we don’t get our 8 hours of sleep, we are more likely to head home after work rather than the gym and even reaching for a sugary pick me up rather than something with healthy fats and lean protein.


If you have been doing everything right with your sleep routine, have a look into your mattress. You shouldn’t have to settle for less than mediocre and thankfully with Drift, you don’t have to. Each mattress is rolled to perfection and delivered to you without the hassel of having to move furniture in order for it to fit through the corridor. Happiness delivered to your door is definitely a concept we can get behind.




Your new mattress relationship awaits – Shop Drift here!