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The Danish concept is taking 2016 by storm and here at Hip and Healthy we are embracing ‘Hygee’ for the cooler days and evenings ahead.


Hygge, pronounced as ‘Hoo-guh’ translates into English as ‘cosiness’, doesn’t sound so bad does it? The Danes have coined Hygge as a lifestyle concept that can happen anywhere at anytime with few rules other than achieving emotional wellbeing. It’s all about enjoying the simple things in life; forget designer goods, Hygge prefers handcrafted and handmade. Its time to grab your cosy blankets, put on your slippers, light some candles and enjoy some homemade meals. Don’t worry this really isn’t as dull as it sounds!

What’s really interesting is the ethos behind the way the Danish people live. Its not about how you look or what you have, which is very refreshing in today’s culture where we all want is what we can’t have. Instead it’s about creating togetherness and comfort for yourself and those around you. That’s the best thing about Hygge, it encourages you to spend as much time with friends and family in the most simple way. The Danes tend to ditch nights out at overcrowded and loud trendy bars and prefer to grab a bottle of wine and dine in with friends, which is all part of Hygee. As if Hygge wasn’t enough to convert us to the Danish way of life, they have this thing called Fika. This essentially means a coffee break with something sweet and occurs at least once a day for the average Danish person. What more could you want?

Taking the time to check out of your day to make time for yourself and others is something we can definitely get on board with. It’s true that cynics will say its all just another fad and that many of us already include Hygee into our lives we just don’t know it. But so what, if the Danes keep coming out on top as the happiest nation in the world then there’s got to be some benefits behind all of this Hygge business and we want a piece of it. If it’s a lifestyle full of happiness and contentment then Hygge sounds pretty good to us.

So how do you get a taste of Hygge we hear you say? Well put your phone away, turn your laptop off (only once you’ve finished reading this) and light a candle and sip your favourite herbal tea. Check out our top tips to get a bit of Hygge in your daily routine.



Start lighting some Candles
Yes invest in your favourite scented candles and no matter what your mood might be get lighting them all night long. This atmospheric candle light is a major part of Hygge. Its time to get cosy and with a candle lit you’ve got some Hygee in your life. Why not try Neom candles which are made from 100% vegetable wax, 100% natural pure essential oils and 100% organic? Shop them here!


Get on your bike
We love this one, and sure you will too. The Danes love to cycle and you can often see men, women and children all of all ages navigating their way around the city lanes. There’s no denying that exercising releases endorphins and leaves you feeling happier, so why not get peddling. Cycling to and from work is a great way to have a little Hygge.


Work life balance
Sounds easier than it is, we know. Danish women typically do an average of 35 hours a week and always take a lunch break. I know, we’ve booked our ticket to Denmark too! The key is not to stay late after work and to get in the habit of clocking off on time. If anyone questions you, just mention Hygge!


Dress for comfort not for style
With chilling temperatures the Danish have mastered the art of wearing comfortable and practical clothing for the weather. We love oversized comfy jumpers and exercise leggings to take you from the office to home in comfort (Plenty of that here!). We have to admit its ok to be stylish and comfy…that does exist!


Opt for cosy nights in rather than nights out
Hygee encourages long drawn out dinners with friends and family over a delicious homemade meal. This is all to do with appreciating the simple things in life, which is making memories with loved ones rather than being seen at the latest bar or hipster place.


Words by Lisa Evans