Feeble, headache-inducing hair ties are fast becoming a thing of the past, and the new era of sleek, kink-free hair is all thanks to invisibobble (which we now stock online!). We chat to the founder, Sophie Trelles-Tvede, about how and why she created the cult favourite now trending catwalks and Instagram feeds alike.

The invisibobble is quite a simple but distinctive design – what inspired the idea and led you to create the product?
The idea for the invisibobble began in my first semester at University. During that time, I wore my hair usually in a ponytail look but one thing kept bothering me. I suffered from headaches every morning and always had that kink in my hair that we all know and hate.

One night, I got ready for a ‘bad taste’ party organized by the university. On my way out I realized that my hair could still use a little extra pimping. So, I set my eyes on the old telephone hanging on my dorm wall and decided to unplug the phone cord and use it to tie up my hair as an extra highlight for my look.

The morning after the party, I woke up and realized that I didn‘t have a headache and also hadn‘t lost the phone cord, but that it was still firmly holding my hair in place. After untying the cord I noticed that the kink in my hair, even though still visible, was a lot less pronounced than usual. That’s when I knew I had an idea, that could help me and countless other girls, on my hands. The idea of the invisibobble had been born.


As you started invisibobble so young, what have been some of the challenges you faced as a young entrepreneur?
When you start your own company, without knowing where it is heading and learning new things by the minute, challenges practically become part of your daily life. But I think the biggest challenge was of course to keep on track with everything whilst growing rapidly as a company. It is very demanding and you have to be at your top game at all times.


Last year invisibobble donated €20,000 to a German breast cancer charity, Brustkrebs Deutschland, what made you choose this certain charity for your donation?
The donation for Brustkrebs Deutschland resulted out of our invisibobble Pink Heroes Edition. All around the world our invisibobble fans had the chance to vote for one out of three chosen charities. In the end, Brustkrebs Deutschland received the most votes and we are so happy about the choice. Brustkrebs Deutschland does incredible and remarkable work in helping women fight breast cancer, in research and in the support of affected families.


We see that you’ve expanded your line to provide a more supported hair tie specifically made for workouts – what would you say was your favourite way to work up a sweat?
I have always been a gym girl. I just like the motivational atmosphere of it and I can choose a different workout every time. From running on the treadmill, classes or a bit of weight lifting – I enjoy a little bit of everything.


In less than 4 years your distribution has grown to over 70 countries, could you have ever imagined this?
No, not really. I’ve always dreamed about it but never truly imagined that this would happen so quickly. I am enormously proud of everything we have achieved so far and it is a true pleasure to look at our journey and to watch us continuously growing.


You’ve grown your range to include invisibobble products that are strong enough to handle a workout, what else is in store for invisibobble in the near future?
invisibobble is only in the early stages of its product range. We have many ideas and wishes for the next years, which will manifest the position of invisibobble in the market. What kind of products that will be is of course still a secret – but just be alert, because new things are coming.


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