Today, 8th March is International Women’s Day. A day where women are empowered and celebrated for their courage, strength, determination and beauty (inside and out). There are so many women we look up to who continue to inspire us every day, too many, in fact, to list here. To celebrate the occasion, we thought we’d share 6 of our favourite Instagram accounts that you should follow for a good dose of female empowerment.


Probably one of the most unique accounts amongst our top 6 is @duvet_days. They use beautiful illustrations to create awareness and informative self-discovery on the female reproductive system and body. Alongside this, they are an organisation that supports women affected by rape and domestic abuse. They sell their beautiful illustrations in print form online should you wish to display them in your home. We really recommend heading to their stories to discover the incredible story of the founder.


We love the @feminist account on Instagram. Promoting equality for all they share a mixture of thought-provoking messages, funny quotes and positive notions about feminism and women supporting women. It’s light-hearted, will make you smile and constantly remind you to support your lady tribe.


This is a great account to follow if you’d like to discover some truly inspiring women in history. Highlighting names familiar and perhaps unfamiliar to you, @women_ofhistory helps you to learn about women from all different backgrounds and the sacrifices and efforts they made to pave the way for equal rights. From war heroines to royal queens and princesses of times gone by, this is an educational account we’re loving.


If you love reading positive affirmations, you’ll really connect to @recipesforselflove. This account is all about promoting body positivity and encouraging you to embrace who you are. Learning self-acceptance and learning not to compare yourself to others are skills that will improve your relationship with yourself and others around you.


Parents and non-parents will appreciate and LOVE this account in equal measures. As the username suggests, this feed is all about sharing real women and real experiences. This isn’t a glossy aspirational feed, @womenirl shares everything you’re thinking inside but too afraid to say and we are so grateful they share honest accounts from inspiring women/mothers.


Marcela Sabia is a Brazilian illustrator and body positive enthusiast who shares incredible illustrations that demonstrate inclusivity and body positive messages. She knows that beauty really is about what’s going on inside and that no one woman is built the same as another. We’re all different and she’s on a mission to celebrate that.   

words by Molly Jennings

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