Studies show that 85% of UK adults are experiencing stress regularly, so we’re making it our mission to give you some tools on how to become more mindful and maybe less stressed in your everyday life. Becoming more mindful can happen in harmony with the things you’re already doing in your everyday life. It certainly doesn’t have to be a huge, substantial shift in your life. Mindfulness is not about pushing your thoughts aside but learning how to accept them, and let them pass by. Picture your mind as an ocean; You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf!

Morning – Set a good headspace for the day!
Mornings are so important because they set your mindset for the day. If you start your day stressfully (for example, hitting the snooze button so many times it makes you late) you’ll likely those emotions throughout the morning and even the rest of the day. Try getting up 30 minutes before you normally get up and start your day by meditating. If this is new to you, we recommend downloading the app Headspace where sessions only last 3, 5 or 10 minutes. By getting up earlier you also get to take your time to do everything in a calm way. This allows you to do more monotasking instead of multitasking. This allows you to be more aware and fully present on the tasks you’re currently doing. Everything from eating breakfast, washing dishes or brushing your teeth can be mindful tasks. Just try to focus on the task you’re doing and nothing else. It’s that simple!

Midday – Stay mindful at work!
It’s now the middle of the day and you may well have had some stressful meetings or deadlines thrust upon you. When you’re to-do list is lengthy and you’ve got a tonne of responsibilities, it’s very normal to feel overwhelmed and tense. But taking just 10 minutes out of your work day to do mindful things can actually both improve your headspace and the quality of your work. Our simplest tip is to get outside and go for a walk. Maybe there’s a nice park just around the corner or a lovely street to wander up. Fresh air is so beneficial for you and your health, but it can also be a mindful task. When you’re walking try to be aware of the things you see around you. Maybe try and mentally note 5 things on your walk that you find beautiful, inspiring or simply make you happy.  

Evening – Relaxing baths
A perfect way to end the day relaxed and calm is to have an essential oil bath. Baths aren’t just a lovely experience, they also provide the ideal opportunity to become more mindful in the evening. Step one is investing in some gorgeously scented bath oils or salts to really make the moment meaningful and special for you. By finding products you really love, your mindful practice can start before you’ve got in the bath. Start by really tuning into your mood and emotions. What do you need? Whether it’s releasing tension in your muscles, reducing stress or helping you feel sleepy, you can select your desired product and mindfully add a few drops or a handful of salts to your bath, setting the intention for the experience. Whilst you soak, try and take a deep and slow breath in through the nose, count till two, and breathe out again. Try counting these breaths up till 10 and then start over again. Allow the scent of your bath oil to deeply relax your mind. If you don’t have a bath you can emulate the same experience in your shower by choosing shower oils/washes and doing the same breathing technique as explained above.


Hopefully, these tips on how to introduce mindfulness into your day will set you up for a peaceful night’s sleep and a happy, healthy mind.

Words by Amalie Luther

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