When was the last time you took a few moments to reconnect with yourself? Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be a common occurrence for most of us, so it’s important to prioritise time for ourselves to slow down and relax.

On the 8th-9th March, urban retreat IGNITE are holding a two day event at The Great Hall in South Kensington, giving you the chance to stop and reflect on your needs, desires and dreams. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to bring some harmony to your mind, body and spirit. As well as exploring new ideas and nourishing your soul, you’ll also get to sit in on talks given by a number of inspiring holistic health and wellbeing gurus such as Spirit Junkie, Gabby Bernstein, Miracle Maker, Pam Grout and Daily Love Founder, Mastin Kipp – sound good?

“Ignite is a weekend retreat to help bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit. A chance to stop, reflect and reconnect with your needs, desires and dreams. A weekend just for you: to explore new ideas, to learn new techniques, to connect and to totally nourish your soul. I encourage you to attend this powerful event, and look forward to hearing about your Ignite! experience!” says Louise Hay.

This event is not to be missed, with tickets costing £99 for a limited time only. So why not take a break from your hectic schedule, and unlock some of your inner creativity.

For more information or to book  visit http://i-can-do-it-ignite.co.uk

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