Whilst a high intensity spinning class is an activity that at first you may dread, we’re here to tell you that it’s one class you’ll always walk out of with a newfound swag, beaming with a sense of accomplishment and euphoria. There’s a reason why this movement has quite literally ‘spun’ out of control – the feeling of achievement that comes from completing something you never thought you’d be able to do, simply cannot be beaten.

For prospective spinners and spinning newbies, here’s what you need to know:

 Push Your Limits

Whether you believe it or not, you will have enough energy to complete the full workout. Your body is a machine and in that critical moment of ‘fight or flight’, it doesn’t want you to fail. Whether it’s the music, the lights or the good-looking trainer keeping you going, you’ll be impressed with how far you can push yourself.

Full Body Workout

Spinning doesn’t just work your legs, it works your entire body. In most classes, you’ll also be using your arms to push yourself up and down on the bike and also your butt to squat!


If there’s one thing about spinning I will warn you about – it’s the sweat. However if you thought sweating (somewhat profusely) was gross, think again. Sweating actually detoxifies your body. Did you have a heavy weekend? Indulge in a fry up on Saturday and Sunday? Sweating is a natural way to help rid your body of all the impurities and waste that may have built up in your system over time. Additionally, it cleanses pores (flawless skin anyone?) and boosts your immune system!

3 Spin Studios We Love


If you’re looking for something a bit different to the usual run of the mill spin classes, try out Psycle. We know you wont regret it! The closest you’re going to get to riding a bicycle in a nightclub; the classes are high intensity, low impact, total body workouts with a twist. Based on the US version, Soul Cycle, you will find yourself energized as the room gets dark, fluorescent lights start up and the music gets pumping. Incredible playlists along with some equally incredible instructors ensure you get the most out of your workout.  Head down to Psycle Canary Wharf for a spin class this week and be sure to check out the Hip & Healthy retail space whilst you’re at it!

Ride Republic

Ride Republic is all about the whole lifestyle. It’s not just about what happens on the bike that is important. The food you eat and the level of stress in your life are all taken into account. Bringing together a community of people that care about healthy living, with classes designed to suit all levels, we love the measurable training methods utilised so you can work towards your own personalized goals and strive to beat your personal best every time you ride.

Boom Cycle

With cool and colourful graffiti adorning the brick walls and minimal clean changing rooms, this is the place to go for maximum efficiency, minimal faffing! Similar to psycle, the studio is dark and clubby. They have classes ranging from 30-minute express workouts up to two hour spinning sessions. No matter your preference or fitness level, your workout is totally up to you! Plus the sound system kicking out high energy music will totally sweep you away until it feels like nothing else matters; just you, your bike and your fitness goals.

By Rachel Harrison