We have heard it before, and i’ll say it again – we know how important it is to take vitamin supplements. Vitamins turn on enzymes in the body which in turn make all the body processes happen. They balance, protect and nourish the body as well as (and more specifically) boost the immune system, keep skin healthy and slow down the aging process. What’s more, it doesn’t seem that getting your recommended daily allowance (RDA) is enough anymore. Renowned nutritionist, Patrick Holford, suggests in his book Optimum Nutrition that these RDAs (which are set by governments) are set to prevent deficiency diseases like scurvy – not for optimum wellness. So when you look at the vitamin bottle make sure that the quantitates of the type of vitamin you are after quantitates that say things like 300% rather than 40% of your RDA! Hip and Healthy has pulled together our recommended list of supplements that will help you on your path to a happier and healthier life…

Top Skin Supplement: Vitamin E
Why is it good: Use topically on scars or skin conditions such as eczema as it promotes healing. It also protects cells from damage. Taking it as a supplement can really improve the appearance of your skin.

Top Hair Supplement: Biotin
Why is it good: Biotin helps your body to use the essential fats correctly, which in turn encourages healthy and strong hair.

Top Immune Boosting Supplement: Vitamin C
Why is it good: Don’t ever underestimate the power of vitamin C just because it has been around for some time now. It is a total miracle cure and helps boost the body when it is run down and can even tackle things like cancer.

Top Brain Supplement: Essential Fatty Acids (especially Omega 6)
Why is it good: As well as promoting a healthy heart, EFAs improve the functioning of the nervous system and help with neurotransmitter balance and reception making it an essential brain nutrient. It is also a great mood booster as it can relive depression and has also been found to reduce signs of attention deficit disorder.

Top Fertility Supplement: Zinc
Why is it good: Not only good for preventing infections, zinc also controls hormones and aids growth in the brain, bone and teeth of foetus. Lots of people who have trouble conceiving need to up their daily dosage of zinc.

Make sure you consult your doctor or pharmacist before beginning starting any vitamin or supplement regimen!